How to Make a Portable Garment Rack

What You'll Need
4 - 2 inch PVC pipes, 48 inches long
4 - 2 inch PVC pipes, 12 inches long
2 - 4-way PVC connectors
2 - PVC elbow connectors
Casters or furniture wheels
Clean Rag

A portable garment rack can very well provide you a lot of convenience. Aside from the convenience of securing a place where you can store your clothes, anytime and anywhere, having your very own portable garment rack would also let you to easily conduct garage sales and other similar activities. A garment rack would not be as useful if you can't move it to strategic places whenever you needed. Portable garment racks are sold at hardware and furniture stores. However, making your own portable garment rack is less expensive, and it can be made to fit your specific needs and dimensions. Below are the parts needed and steps to follow to create your own portable garment rack, but the dimensions can be modified to fit your preferences.

Step 1 - Clean the Pipes

Wipe off dusts, debris and other similar dust particles from all the materials you would use. It might also be better to layout old newspapers in your working area. Doing so would enable you to easily clean off particles that could get in the way of the next procedures.

Step 2 - Connect the First Two Pipes to Each Other

Place the two 48-inch pipes side by side to ensure that they are of the same length. Cut and adjust the length as desired. After that, connect the pipes using an elbow connector.

Step 3 – Form a C-Shape

Secure the connection of the first two pipes. Check the size of the third 48-inch pipe with the rest. Form a square C-shape pipe by attaching the third 48-inch pipe to the first two attached pipes with the other elbow connector. Ensure that all connections are tight and even.

Step 4 – Attach the Other Pipes

Connect the four-way connectors’ middle parts to the ends C-shape pipe that you have just attached together. Place them on the open ends of the pipes. Get another 48-inch pipe and connect it to the hole of the middle connector’s bottom. This step should give you a 48-inch square of pipe.

Step 5 – Insert Pipes to the Holes

Insert your 12-inch pipes to holes of the four-way connectors positioned on the sides of the 48-inch square. Make sure that the pipes fit snugly in each of the holes.

Step 6 – Connect the Stand

Attach furniture wheels on each end of the 12-inch pipes. Use furniture wheels that have locks so your garment rack won’t move while you are using it. Temporarily screw on nails so that you can check that all the wheels move on the same direction. “Test drive” the attached wheels by pushing and pulling them to different directions before tightening their screws.

Step 7 - Paint if Desired

You can now paint your PVC portable garment rack any color you desire, or leave it the original color of the pipes. Be as simple and creative as suits you.