How to Make a Portable Jewelry Display

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Pieces of plywood
Liner fabric

A portable jewelry display is something that will be fun to create and functional to use. Many professional jewelry makers use a portable jewelry display case when they travel to shows and markets, and you can make one of your very own that will look just as good in your bedroom or living space. Building a display case is no harder than creating a jewelry box, and since you are making this case out of wood, the main elements will be the same. As you don't want to make your basic project too difficult, it is best to make a simple box first, and then you can build another, more complex case once you are more confident.

Step 1 - Design Your Box

Before you put your box into action, you will need to create a design of it, so that you can refer back to something when you are building the box. First, decide how big the box should be, and whether you want to have compartments inside. Jewelry display cases usually have a compartment or two in order to keep the items separate.

You should then make a pattern that shows how the box should be. This will include a drawing of the side of the box, with measurements, the front and back of the box, and the lid, and the inside. If you are not very gifted at drawing or design, then you may be able to find a suitable box pattern online, or in a woodworking book.

old wooden jewelry box

Step 2 - Cut the Panels

Once you are clear on the pattern, you should start cutting the wood. You can use any wood you like, although plywood is always a good beginner's wood. You will need to cut four lengths of wood for the sides, one for the base, and another for the lid. You should also cut wood for the inside compartments. Take the sandpaper, and smooth all of the pieces you have just cut. This will ensure that all of the wood is smooth and even. Using your screwdriver, make some small holes in the base of the box, and two in the lid.

Step 3 - Fit the Box Together

Screw the sides into the holes you made in the base of the box. Screw your hinge into the top of the lid. Then carefully place the box onto the sides, so that the whole box looks as it should when it is complete and the lid closed. Now screw the hinge into the back side of the box, and check that the lid fits as before. Place the velvet on the inside of the box, and add any compartments you may have made.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once this is complete, use the pot of varnish and the paintbrush to give the entire box a coat. This will help to keep the wood clean and undamaged. Leave to dry for a day, and then put in your jewelry.