How to Make a Pot Lid Rack

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Towel Rack
S hooks

Having a pot lid rack installed in your kitchen area will help organize your pot covers and maximize available space. Usually, pot lid racks are installed right on top of your kitchen island, but they can be installed anywhere you wish. It is a great way to put together all the pot lids you may have while the pot bodies are all inside each other put away inside kitchen cupboards or under the sink.

Pot lid racks can be made simply using a regular towel rack. It is suggested to use a metal one as they are stronger compared to wood and will hold the lids and you will not have to worry about it breaking due to the weight of the lids.

Step 1 - Measure Wall Area

Choose a wall that will accommodate your pot lid rack and measure how high you want it to be from the floor and the peripheral areas. Use your stud finder to ensure that when you install the towel holder the screws you use are sunk firmly into the stud, which is a piece of wood, rather than merely the plaster or drywall, which likely will fail once the combined weight of the lids rests on it. The wall should hold the rack and the lids firmly in place.

Step 2 - Drill the Wall

Drill the markings you’ve made on the wall where the pot lid rack will be placed. Use your level to make sure that the rack is parallel to the ground.

Take the mounts that came with the bar and screw them into the holes. Secure very well.

Step 3 - Install the Rack

Once the mounts are in place and you have ensured that all are evenly placed, you may now attach the towel rod itself. Wiggle it on the mount and make sure it is evenly placed.

Step 4 - Place S Hooks

S hooks are hooks shaped like an S and are double-edged. One edge gets hooked on the towel rod and the other edge will be where you will hang your pot lids.

Step 5 - Test the Pot Lid Rack

Depending on how many pot lids you will be hanging, always make sure the weight can be accommodated by the rack. Try putting a couple first and evenly space them out. Add if you think it will hold more lids. If you have many more lids to accommodate, you may add another rack directly below it or perhaps in another area in your kitchen.

Step 6 – Maintain the Rack

Since this is a makeshift pot rack, check it every now and then to make sure it is still secured on the wall. Racks will tend to loosen because of the weight so regular tightening is best to avoid the rack from falling off your wall, damaging the wall itself and destroying your pot lids.