How to Make a Pre-Wash Stain Remover Spray

Often badly stained clothes and fabrics can be cleaned more effectively if a stain remover is applied beforehand. The stain remover is designed to weaken the bond between the material and the staining agent. The normal action of hand washing or of a washing machine completes the removal.

The Ingredients

The ingredients for a pre-wash stain remover are often found in the house without the need to buy them.

  • A mixture of two parts ammonia, two parts white vinegar, one part baking soda and five parts water is a simple stain remover.
  • This remover can be adjusted for strength by increasing or decreasing the water content.
  • An even simpler mixture uses equal amounts of water, liquid detergent and ammonia.

Method of Use

After testing the stain remover on a part of the material not normally seen, the pre-wash stain remover should be sprayed or liberally applied to a difficult stain about 10 minutes before the article is laundered.

Like most commercial pre-wash stain removers, these work best if they can be applied to the stain as soon as it is made so it is a good idea to keep it somewhere handy in a sealed and labeled sprayer.