How to Make a Princess Headboard

What You'll Need
Princess wall decals
Princess sheets
An old sheet
Sand paper
Light colored paint
Gold paint
Costume gemstones
Staple gun
Quilt batting
Curtain holders
Curtain rod
Fabric tape

One décor addition that would brighten any girl's room is a princess headboard. Children grow and change quickly and so do their hobbies and interests. Keeping a room décor that they like can be difficult. The financial resources required to change furniture, bedding and décor would be overwhelming if you are continually make new retail purchases to keep up with the transitions. Décor changes and additions that are made at home are less expensive and can become family treasures especially when the project is created along with your children. Making a princess headboard is a simple, home project.

Step 1 – Applying Decals

Visit a home improvement stores and department stores for princess themed décor. Wall decals can be applied quickly and are easy to remove when your daughter grows out of them. Purchase some princess-themed wall decals and use them to decorate the headboard of the bed. Place in them in a whimsical yet orderly pattern that your daughter will love.

Step 2 – Painting the Headboard

Pull the headboard away from the bed. Lay an old sheet down for protection. Use sand paper to sand off the finish on the headboard. Purchase a light paint color to cover the headboard. Use the brush to carefully cover the headboard in the new paint color. Allow the headboard enough time to dry. Use a pencil to draw the outline of a crown shape on the headboard over the dry paint. If drawing is not your strength, ask an artistic family member of friend to do it for you. Use the gold paint to fill the color in on the crown shape. Once again, allow the paint to dry. Purchase some costume gemstones to decorate the crown. Use the glue to adhere the gemstones to the gold crown shape. Once the glue has had a chance to dry, put the headboard back in it proper place.

Step 3 – Covering the Headboard

Pull the headboard away from the bed. Lay the headboard flat on the floor and cover it with the quilt batting. Use a princess themed sheet to cover the batting and the headboard. Use the staple gun to secure the edges, pulling tightly as you work. Use the glue to apply the gemstones to the fabric on the headboard to give it some visual interest.

Step 4 – Hanging a Fabric Headboard

Pull the headboard out from the wall. Use the screwdriver to secure a curtain rod holder directly over the left and right side of the headboard. You may need a step ladder, depending on how high you want hang the fabric. Choose a princes themed sheet to hang from the rod. Turn the edge of the sheet over the rod and secure with fabric tape. Secure the rod to the rod holders, allowing the fabric to hang down behind the headboard. Put the headboard back in its proper place.