How to Make a Professional Real Estate Wooden Sign

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in the yard in front of a house
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Wood sealer
Loops or wire hangers
Hammer and screwdriver
Sign post
Protective wear

If you're a real estate agent or an individual selling your own home, learning how to make a professional-looking wooden sign will help you advertise your home to buyers. The following guidelines will help you finish the task in no time.

Step 1 - Decide What Type of Sign You Want to Make

There are various design options you can choose from to make wooden signs. You can make basic wooden signs to hang to a wall or on the roof of the real estate office or premises. Another option is to mount a wooden sign on a sign post and place it in prominent places in the area of the premises, on the nearby footpaths, and by the main and side doors.

Another good idea is to hang a largish wooden sign on a high post, which can be visible even from a distance. All these are good ideas and any one or more of them can be made use of. At the end of the day they can all be built by following the same basic principles.

Step 2 - Decide How Many Signs You will Need and Take the Measurements

hammer and tape measure on wood surface

First, decide how many signs you're going to need. Then, depending on where you're going to places the signs, you will settle on the suitable dimensions. The bigger the sign the more noticeable it will be from a distance, and the more information you can include on it. Write down the dimensions and multiply them by the number of signs. Keep your notes with you so you can refer to them as you work. The basic measurements would be the height and length of your sign.

Step 3 - Purchase Wood, Tools, and Materials

Depending on the dimensions you decided on, purchase the wood you will need to make your wooden sign(s). The type of wood you choose will also depend on the quantity of the wooden signs you will construct and how much money you want to spend.

Step 4 - Cut the Wood

Use a saw to cut the wood according to the dimensions you require. Make sure to wear suitable protective gear while sawing down your wood. You will use a table saw for long cuts and a miter saw for smaller or more precise cuts.

Step 5 - Sand

Using an appropriate sandpaper, sand down your piece of wood to remove and smooth any grooves. Sand well around the raw edges of the wood. You can do this using a manual or power sander.

Step 6 - Paint

assortment of paints and applicators

To make your wooden signs look professional, it is best to paint them. This will make them more appealing and noticeable. Apply more than one coat and leave to dry well after each application. If you have a company logo, be sure to include it in the design.

Step 7 - Stencil

Use stencils to inscribe the name of the property, and any other relevant information you want to advertise. Use colors that are dark and contrasting so that they can be easily read even from far away. Try to be brief and do not overcrowd the area of the sign as it may not be as effective.

Step 8 - Apply Wood Sealer

Let the stenciling dry and then apply wood sealer.

Step 9 - Install the Signs

You can then hang your signs. To hang them to a wall just fix them by means of nails or screws. If you are just going to hang them, you can use loose loops. Otherwise you can mount them onto a sign post or fix to an existing post. The larger the sign the more you need to use nails or screws so as to fix securely.

Making wooden signs that look professional is fairly easy as you can see and they will cost less money and still look appealing and effective.