How to Make a Race Car Bed for Kids

What You'll Need
Medium density fiber board (MDF)
Wood screws
Wood glue
Car spray paint
Spray primer
Tape measure
Drill bits
Car decals
Straight edge
Circular saw
Work bench
Clamps or vice grips

Little boys love a race car bed. Some big boys do too. If you have a son or daughter who loves racing cars and you want to build the ultimate bed for them to sleep in you need the right kind of imagination, tools, materials and time. The project is not a quick one and you can safely estimate about six to eight hours to complete it.

Step 1 – Marking and Planning

First you need to work out which car you want your kid’s bed to look like. You can decide on the color of paint when you know which car you will be basing your design on. Many people choose Ferrari Testarossa or a Porsche. You can of course choose a Lamborghini or Zonda or any car of your preference.

Step 2 – Drawing

You will need to draw your car shape onto the side of one piece of the MDF. You can use the drawing as a template to cut the other piece.

Step 3 – Cutting

Place the MDF template on the work bench and secure it with vice grips or clamps. Use the circular saw for any straight edges and then the jigsaw to cut out the shaped parts of the car. Stay within the pencils lines and keep the jigsaw blade perpendicular. They have a tendency to bend slightly when pressured against the wood, so keep it neat. Once you have cut the first piece, use that as a template for the other side of the car so that both pieces are identical.

Step 4 – Front and Back Pieces

If the car you have chosen as a slanted front, as most cars do, cut a piece of MDF which will accommodate the thickness of the mattress as well as allowing for the bed to made properly. You can opt, here, for swivel screws so that you can open the front away from the mattress when the bed needs making. For the back (head board), you will need to observe similar criteria to make sure that the kid doesn’t bang their head on any protruding pieces.

Step 5 – Assembling

Once the four major parts have been cut, glue and screw them together, drilling pilot holes for the screws. Make sure that the front of your car and the head board (back) of the car as screwed to the outside edges of the two long pieces, for extra stability.

Step 6 – Priming and Painting

Now that your bed is assembled you can paint it in your chosen color. You should work in a well ventilated area for painting and priming the MDF. Spray the primer evenly over the inside and outside of the car, covering the whole piece. Let the primer dry, which should only take about two hours and then spray paint the car bed. One coat may be enough, but two is better. You can also opt for a clear top coat of car lacquer to shine it up more.

Step 7 – Decals

To complete the authentic look of the car, stick the decals on. You can buy kits with stickers to resemble wheels as well, so if you have accounted for that in your design, use those stickers. Head light stickers and bumpers will also be available. When you have completed that, place the bed in the room and add the mattress.