How to Make a Refrigerator Door Handle Cover

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  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10
What You'll Need
Flexible measuring tape
The fabric of your choice, less than 1 yard
Thread to match the fabric
3 hook-and-eye closures
Pins and needles
Sewing machine
Sharp scissors
Steam iron & ironing board

Whether you want to snazz up your kitchen or protect a stainless steel refrigerator from fingerprints, a cover for your refrigerator door handle is an easy at-home project that requires no advanced sewing skills. This project will help you make a door handle cover that is 24 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Choose Your Fabric

For this project, you will want a fabric that holds its shape well. Stiff denim, sturdy fleece or felt will work better than cotton or jersey. These fabrics are typically available in many colors and prints to match or accent your kitchen. You will need less than a yard for this project, so if you're feeling adventurous or need ideas, now is a good time to check out the scrap bin at your fabric store. You could also make this project out of an old sweatshirt or sweatpants. Find the thread that matches your fabric, or use a contrasting thread for a visual twist.

Cut Fabric and Sew Hems

Fold the fabric from selvage to selvage. Measure 3 inches in from the fold and cut a 26-inch strip through both layers of the fabric. Unfold the strip and lay it right-side down (color or print facing down). Thread the sewing machine. Using the correct needle gauge for the fabric type and a straight stitch, sew 1-inch hems on the short edges of the fabric strip. Do the same for the long edges, but only make a 1/2-inch hem. You can use a hot steam iron and an ironing board to press the hems before sewing them together. If you are making this project with fleece, consider using a zig-zag stitch instead of a straight one.

Attach the Closures

Separate the hook-and-eye closures so that none are attached to one another. On one long side of the hemmed strip, space these hooks out evenly, with about six inches between them. The hooks should be flush with the edge of the fabric so they will not be visible on the completed project. Make sure they are facing inward toward the center of the strip. Thread a needle and knot the end. Work the thread in an over-under pattern on the two prongs that hold the hook to the fabric, and do this until the hook is strongly attached to the material.

On the other side, do the same thing with eye closures. The loop of the eye should be towards the edge of the fabric. Use a tape measure to make sure they line up with their hook partners.

Try It On

Once you have the hooks and eyes attached, you can put the cover over the refrigerator door handle. It will fit somewhat loosely. The closures should be on the back of the handle, facing the door.

You can leave your project as-is, or personalize it further. Try adding contrasting ribbons, rickrack, buttons or themed appliques. Make a matching cover for the freezer and oven handles.