How to Make a Round Hot Tub Cover Lifter

What You'll Need
EMT conduit (2 pieces of 3/4 -inch and 1 piece of 1-inch EMT, both measuring 10 feet long)
Conduit straps
Metal screws
Conduit bender
Drill motor

If you own a round hot tub, it is vital that you install a round hot tub cover lifter in order to keep out unpleasant objects like dirt, insects, dried leaves and other foreign things. A clean hot tub is necessary to function at its best, and debris can lead to a clogged drainage system. Cover lifters vary in design depending on the type of materials used for the covers. Most cover lifters are made of lighter materials like plastic, while others are made of strong materials like hard wood or aluminum. If your hot tub cover is quite heavy, you can install a lifter to make it easier to remove the cover. For your round hut tub, you can make your own cover lifter at home by following the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Position EMT Conduit

Place the two pieces of ¾-inch EMT conduit on your round hot tub cover’s seam area. After both pieces are laid out on the center of the round cover side by side, measure them up and put markers at the edge.

Step 2 - Bend Conduits

Carefully place one of the ¾-inch conduits into the conduit bender at the exact markings that you made. Next, bend one side of the conduit to 90 degrees. Afterwards, bend the other end to 90 degrees. Make sure that both bends are parallel to each other.

Once done, you will have something like a U-shaped metal with a long middle part and two short legs. Do the same thing steps with the other ¾-inch conduit.

Step 3 - Attach Conduits

Using 3 conduit straps, attach one of the bended conduit pieces to the base of the round hot tub. It is ideal to use 1-inch conduit straps with two hole rather than ¾-inch.These straps are quite loose when attached to allow the conduit to rotate freely and not too tight. Afterwards, attach the other piece of bended conduit at the top of the cover using the same straps.

Step 4 - Create Sleeves

Align both ends of the upper and lower conduits, and join them using 1-inch conduit as a sleeve. Make sure that you measure the adjoining 1-inch conduit as a sleeve so they will fit perfectly to the bends. Make sure that the sleeve is long enough to fit the bends. Use a hack saw to cut both of the 1-inch conduit used as sleeves. Afterwards, use at least 4 screws to attach the sleeves to the top and lower joints of the conduits.

Step 5 - Test

To use your new round hot tub cover lifter, simply lay it down on the tub’s seam and fold the cover over it. When you lift the conduit, the hot tub cover will be suspended, sticking up just above the hot tub. This may block your view, but it can also be a good protection from neighbors.