How to Make a Rounded Back Adirondack Chair

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Spirit level

If you want to make an Adirondack chair with a bit of a difference, then you should consider making a rounded back chair. These are the same basic style as your ordinary Adirondack chair, but they have a curved back which looks rather like 19th century furniture. When you are making this kind of chair, you will need to remember to curve the back slightly. This can provide more comfort to the sitter, and will also show up as looking very attractive. Building an Adirondack chair is not very complicated, and you can complete this in a day using some simple household tools.

Step 1 - Design the Chair

Before you begin making the chair, take a moment to draw out a detailed plan and blueprint. This design should show the chair from all angles, and include particular details, such as the design of the curved back and the angle of the arm rests. You should also design the rounded shape which will constitute the back of the chair. Make sure that you include all of the measurements necessary to make the chair, as this will allow you to have an easy record of the shape and size of any particular piece of wood.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood

You can then start cutting out the wood. You will need to make the front legs slightly lower than the back, as an Adirondack chair traditionally has a sloping seat. You will also need to make a curved back support. This will allow you to add a comfort feature to the seat which would otherwise not be available. Cut the arms to that they are square at the front, and then begin to taper half-way down on the side which will face outwards.

Step 3 - Build the Frame

You should then start to build the frame. The front legs should be supported by a long piece of wood, this will form the frame for the seat. Make a rectangular box shape, and nail the seating slats across this. The much longer back legs should be nailed to the top of the front legs, and then to the other end of the seat frame. Add the arms to the top of the front legs, and then fix them to the box frame with two long piece of wood. These form the frame for the back of the seat.

Step 4 - Adding the Back

Take your curved back piece, and connect it to the back of the arms on each side. You should then be able to take the back slats, and screw them one at a time into the curved back. When you have finished this, you should take your saw, and cut a circular shape along the top of the back, although it does not have to be a perfect half-moon shape. You can then paint and decorate the Adirondack chair however you wish.