How to Make a Rustic Wooden Sign

What You'll Need
jig saw
paint and paint brush
stencils and stencil brush
wood-burning pen
bailing wire or twine
wire cutters

A rustic wooden sign is a very popular decorating element. Many homes across America have a welcome sign at the front entrace. You don’t have to live in the country to find rustic signs appealing. In fact, these signs can add the finishing touch to any home décor. Hanged in a modern apartment in a city, a rustic sign can bring an air of country warmth and charm into it.

It will also make a great gift to someone who has just bought a new house, bar, shed or a workshop. You don’t have to be a gifted craftsman or carpenter to design and make a rustic wooden sign. Just choose the right piece of wood and the message to inscribe on it.

Step 1–Select Wood

Start by finding a good piece of wood. You can use any type of wood but remember, the older and more worn-looking the wood is, the better. If you can’t find a suitable piece, then you may use a recently cut piece of wood. You will need to stain it in order to give it a more weathered appearance. Once you have chosen your message, you can determine the size of the wooden piece. Measure the piece of wood and trim if required with a jigsaw.

Step 2–Paint the Wood Sign

Paint the sign with warm, natural colors, such as dark brown, red or other earth tones, for a real authentic rustic feel. Avoid bright colors because they are more appropriate for beach inspired signs, for instance. Use just a little paint, letting the wood show through, and you will achieve more aged look. If you previously stained the wood, you can even go without paint.

Step 3–Write Message

Once the paint dries, you can inscribe your message. Using a wood-burning pen for the lettering will add an extra rustic touch to your sign. However, if you are not sure about your artistic skills, you can use stencils. First trace the letters with a pencil, replace the stencils over the letters and then paint them using the stencil brush. Remember, you are not striving for absolute perfection: rustic signs tend to have an arts and crafts feel, so mistakes are welcomed.

Using sandpaper, sand the edges and the corners of the sign to reveal the wood and create a more weathered look. You can also add decorative elements or country motifs to your sign. If you are hanging your sign in an urban or contemporary area, a city landscape can compliment the look of the rustic wood well. 

 Step 4–Finishing Works

Drill two holes through the top of the sign. Cut a piece of twine or bailing wire and thread an end through the holes. Now your sign is ready to be hanged.