How to Make a Saddle Bar Stool

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  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 40-250
What You'll Need
Stool parts
Screw driver

The saddle bar stool has become an important piece of furniture not only in bars but in homes as well. The stool comes in a variety of designs and colors. Making your own saddle bar stool allows you to create your desired style. Wood is the material used for these stools. Saddle bar stools are unique from other bar stools as their seats are often much wider to allow for comfort.

Decide on the Stool Design

You can make your saddle bar stool out of maple or pine, but oak is the best material to use because it is relatively strong and not very expensive. Decide on the ideal height for the setting you have in mind. The height of the saddle bar stool should be compatible with the height of the counter. Select your preferred seat design. The seats vary from round to dish-shaped. There is also the option of making your seat with a back.

Start Making the Saddle Bar Stool

Put the stool parts and working tools within your reach. Start by putting together the pieces that will make the back. Take the top and bottom back bars and align them. Pick up the planks and insert them one by one into the top bar. Then take the bottom bar and align its holes with the planks. Insert the planks into the holes all at once.

Assemble the Bottom

After the back is done, pick up the two hind legs of your saddle bar stool and insert one of the side planks into one of the legs. Take the top plank for the hind leg, which has a knob on which to attach the back of the stool, and attach it to the same leg with a side plank. Take the second rear leg, align its hole to the side plank, and push them together. Pick up the front legs and side planks and repeat the above procedure. Once the two front legs are attached together using the side planks, assemble the front and rear legs using the remaining planks. Place the planks into the hind legs, then align the holes of the front leg assemblage with the planks and push them together all at once.

Connect All Parts

Pick up the already assembled back of your saddle bar stool and locate the holes on the bottom plank of the stool back. Put glue inside the holes. Trace the knobs of the hind plank, line them up with the glued holes, and slot them in.

Connect the Seat

With your frame well assembled and firmly standing, pick up the saddle bar stool seat and put it on the frame. Finish making the saddle bar stool by screwing the seat firmly on the frame.