How to Make a Sand Volleyball Court in Your Yard

A sand volleyball court.
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Spray paint
Plastic edging
Volleyball net

You can capture, in the comfort of your back yard, the fun of a sand volleyball court. All you need is an average-size courtyard, free of low hanging wires or tree branches, and you can proceed. The volleyball court is easy to make and cheap to maintain.

These simple steps will help you make a sand volleyball court in your yard.

Step 1 - Select a Location

A typical volleyball court is 60 feet long and 30 feet wide. Measure a specific area in your back yard for your court. If possible, allow at least 6½ feet of space around the court for safety. Most yards are big enough to house a court this size, but if your yard is too small, you can shrink the proportions accordingly.

Step 2 - Mark and Prepare the Area

A sand volleyball court.

Draw an outline for your court with spray paint. Remove rocks or anything else that can cause obstruction from the site.

Step 3 - Rake and Ram the Soil

Remove the top layer of grass from the site with a shovel and turn the soil. Collect the grass in a wheelbarrow and discard it in the woods or a trash container.

Rake the soil to remove any additional stones or debris. After a thorough raking, rent a rammer or steamroller from a hardware store and ram the site of your court. This will make the ground even.

Step 4 - Install Edging

Purchase edging from a hardware store. Ensure it is made of plastic and is flexible (to avoid injuries if someone falls over it). Install the edging all around the court. Push it firmly into the tilled soil so it holds well. You can use a flat shovel or hoe to help push it in. This edging will serve as a barrier and prevent sand from slipping out of the sand court.

Step 5 - Purchase and Spread Sand

A sand volleyball court.

For a standard-size sand volleyball court, you will probably need 600 pounds of sand. Although the sand can cost quite a bit, you should not have to change it for several years. Make sure you purchase clean, pure sand, free from any toxic added material. Spread your sand evenly in your court with the help of a shovel and a rake.

Step 6 - Purchase and Set up Your Volleyball Net

Purchase your volleyball net from your local sporting goods store. Simply place it into the ground with the help of stakes. If you purchase a professional net, you need to dig a hole, place the pole into it and surround it with a mixture of cement and water. Allow it to dry overnight before attaching your net.

Your personal sand volleyball court is complete. Invite some friends over and enjoy your game in your back yard.