How to Make a Scrap Book of Your New Year Celebrations and Resolutions

The New Year celebration is a special one, as it marks the end of one year and the start of another. It symbolizes new beginnings, leading to people creating their New Year's resolutions. To make this year's New Year's party a special one, try a scrap booking project. This scrap book can commemorate past resolutions and mark the beginning of new ones.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Scrap book
  • Scissors
  • Camera and photo printer
  • Pen
  • Magazines for cut outs
  • Small bags
  • Tape or glue

Step 1-Add Pictures of New Year's Celebrations from Past and Current Years

The beginning of the scrap book is a good place to store memories of past and current New Year's celebrations. Tape or glue photos from previous New Year's parties into the book. As the celebrations happen on New Year's eve, take plenty of pictures to add to the scrap book to commemorate the holiday.

The morning after the New Year celebration, use a photo printer to print off the new pictures from the party. All of the best pictures can be added into the scrap book to save precious memories from the previous night. This step makes it important that all of the best actions from the previous night are caught on camera.

Step 2-Write about the Year's Celebration Details

Along with the new pictures from this year's party, write out a description of the celebrations. It helps to keep notes during the party. Write down who attended, what drinks and food were served, who did what funny things and what happened at midnight. This can add a special touch to the scrap book so that you never forget this year's celebrations.

Step 3-List of Old Resolutions and If/When they Were Completed

Add a list of old New Year's resolutions. Beside each past resolution, write a few sentences on whether or not you completed them, and how long it took. If you didn't finish your resolution, write down why you didn't. For incomplete resolutions, make a note on whether or not you will attempt to complete them again in the future.

Step 4-Use Pictures, Items and Word Cut Outs to Symbolize Resolutions

Cut out pictures and words from magazines to show your resolutions for this New Year's. Use personal photos too, if you have any showing your bad habits. An example, if you're planning to quit smoking - find a picture of yourself with a cigarette and add it to the scrap book. Use words cut out from magazines, or individual letters to spell out your New Year's resolution. Old items, such as a cigarette butt or empty cigarette box can be glued into the book for special effects.

Step 5-List of Friends and Family's Resolutions and How Everyone Will Help Each Other

During the New Year's celebrations, have each family member and friend add a few sentences to the scrap book about their resolution and how they plan to complete it. Allow everyone to read the list of resolutions and decide how they can help one another finish them. Write down these tips for help beside each friend or family member's New Year's resolution.