How to Make a Seam When Installing Pieces of Laminate on a Countertop

  • 8 hours
  • Advanced
  • 600
What You'll Need
Ready-to-install laminate pieces
Carpenter's glue
Silicone adhesive

Creating a good, as well as smooth, seam on your laminate countertop is much easier done with the purchase of already-cut pre-form countertop pieces. These countertops are available at your local home improvement stores, and even contain cut-outs that help hold the pieces together, so it creates a good and solid seam.

Follow the steps below, paying attention to detail, and this will ensure that you will properly make a good seam for a project with easy installation.

Step 1 - Measure and Purchase

As stated above, ready-cut pieces that contain cut outs of laminate are available for purchase. Just measure the size that you need, and make a run to the store to purchase the easy-to-install pieces.

Step 2 - Apply Glue Coating

Take your carpenter's glue or clear silicone adhesive and apply a good and even coat to the edges that will join the two pieces of laminate together. Make sure you apply a good amount of glue to the pieces, creating an even coating.

You don't have to work at lightning speed, but you will have to work with it a little bit when it is still wet, so you will want to work at a pretty steady pace, so you aren't letting the glue dry before you want it to.

Step 3 - Fasten

Take out your fasteners and attach them so they tighten the two pieces of laminate securely together. This will enable the pieces to stay together while you move them around a bit in the next step.

Step 4 - Move a Little

In this step, you need to make sure that your pieces are completely smooth and flush with each other. They need to be aligned to create a smooth seam. A little bit out of place makes for a big uneven seam. For this to happen, more than likely, you will need to do some tightening and some loosening. You will have to move it around a bit, and re-align it a few times before it is completely ready to be dried together, making a good seam.

This is what creates a good seam. That is why even the littlest bit of unevenness can create a bad seam. Make sure you are one hundred percent sure that the pieces are flush with one another before you finish this process.

Step 5 - Let It Dry

Now that you have made sure that the pieces are completely in line with one another, and there is no chance of the pieces moving, you simply need to wipe the excess adhesive off the joint let the joint dry. Just let it sit with the fasteners in place.

Once it is completely dry, you can go ahead and install the put together pieces in place. As long as you paid attention to the details above, you should have no problem finishing out the countertop, creating a brand new counter space. Good job.