How to Make a Segmented Woodturning Bowl

What You'll Need
Ruler, geometric compass, and protractor
Small wood blocks of different colors and styles (1 inch by 5 inches each, approximately 10 blocks)
Band saw and table saw
Wood glue, chuck, and tendons
Sandpaper of different grits
Finish (optional)

A segmented woodturning bowl is a special type of flattened bowl that is made out of wood of various types and shades. The wood pieces are fit together to form a bowl that has a beautiful and unique appearance. These bowls are sturdy and strong and are capable of use in a variety of settings and functions around the home. Additionally, you can make your own segmented wooden bowls with the use of a wood lathe or a set of saws in your home studio or garage. Read on for a brief guide on how to make segmented wood bowls of this type.

Step 1 -- Plan the Design of Your Bowl

If you have a particular design that you're aiming for in your project, draw out a version of that bowl so that you can look at it. Consider that you'll need to attach the segments to one another, and that the segments must total 360 degrees from the center of the circle. Draw out the circle with the protractor and draw the separate layers of the bowl as you'd like them to be, then measure how much of the circle they occupy in degrees.

Step 2 -- Build the Base of the Bowl

You'll begin by cutting out the base of the wood block. You can do this by drawing and then cutting a circle in one of the wood blocks. Do this with the band saw and cut a perfect circle that is a medium size out the block of wood that you select.

Step 3 -- Cut Out Additional Layers

Draw out larger and larger circles with the compass from other blocks that you have available to you. Continue to draw the different circles in different blocks of wood until you reach the largest size that is available to you, or until you reach the point at which your bowl is as large across as you'd like it to be. Cut out each additional circle.

Step 4 -- Piece the Layers Together

Beginning with the largest layer and working downward, fit the pieces together to ensure that they'll fit properly. When you're satisfied, glue the pieces together with the wood glue, though avoid gluing the base of the bowl. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

Step 5 -- Chuck the Bowl

Using the wood chuck, smooth out the edges of the bowl so that the the pieces form a smooth and rounded bowl face. You may need to use wood tendons to hold the bowl pieces in place in the chuck.

Step 6 -- Finalize the Bowl

Glue the base of the bowl onto the smoothed out portion of the sides of the bowl. Address any blemishes or rough parts with sandpaper. Finish the bowl with a protective sealant, and be sure to allow the finish to dry completely before you attempt to use the bowl.