How to Make a Semi-Inground Pool

Lead Image for How to Make a Semi-Inground Pool
  • 10-12 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 2,000-3,500
What You'll Need
Above ground pool
Landscapers fabric
Sandbox sand
Measuring tape

If you want to own a pool, but do not have a lot of money, consider installing a semi inground pool instead of an above-ground or fully inground pool. The idea behind a semi inground pool is that you have the beauty and style of a fully inground pool but the ease of use and maintenance of an above grove pool. You can install a semi inground pool at very little expense without much help. The information below will explain how you can install a semi inground pool.

Step 1 – Excavate the Area

To make an above ground pool a semi inground pool you'll need to dig a little. Look at the box of the above ground pool for the measurements and use them to stake out the area where you want the pool. Keep the pool away from sloping ground, underground plumbing, underground gas lines and out from under power lines. Once the area is properly marked use the shovel to start clearing away the ground. It is alright if you outside of the staked area as you will backfill the pool when you are finished. Decide how deep you want the pool to be and use the yardstick to continually check that depth. Remove rocks, roots and other debris that you uncover underground. Continually check the depth until you reach your goal. Dig down an extra 2 inches then tamp down the ground until it is even.

Step 2 – Prepare for the Pool

You will need to make sure the pool is protected. Unroll landscaper’s fabric and use it to line the bottom of the excavated area. Make sure it is flat and even and that it crawls up the side of the hole. Trim the fabric so that it is even with the top of the ground. On top of the fabric put 2 inches of sandbox sand. Make sure it is level and even.

Step 3 – Build the Pool

Remove all of the components for the above ground pool and place them outside of the hole. Follow the instructions that came with the pool. The only difference is that you will be building the pool inside the hole to create a semi inground pool. The accessories that come with the above ground pool will be placed close to the top of the pool which gives you extra room. This means the pump and water circulation devices can exist further away from the pool when before they had to remain close by due to limited tube length. As you build the pool inside the hole make sure you are in the hole as well inside the pool as you lay the floor. You want to walk on it to set it in the sand. Once the pool is fully erect backfill around the edges with more sand then attach all of the components according to the directions.