How to Install a Solar Powered Gable Vent

A steeply-sloping red roof with blue solar panels covering almost its entire surface.

A gable vent can remove hot air from your attic, helping to cool it. This will also minimize the amount of moisture in your attic. While electric-powered gable vents are cost-efficient, solar-powered gable vents are energy-efficient, as well.

Mount the Brackets

Drill holes into the wall to fit the bolt. Make sure to properly estimate the size. Otherwise, the bolt will not fit, and the vent may likely fall. After drilling, mount the brackets into the wall, using the bolts and nuts to secure it in place.

Mount the Vent on the Brackets

To mount the vent properly, make sure it fits properly on the brackets. Lock it in place using bolts and nuts to support its weight. When using a solar-powered gable vent, there is no need to have an electrician come to your house or buy additional wiring. The solar gable vent will only need mounting. After that, it is ready to use. Most solar power gable vents will have a long-term warranty.

All Done!

Now, your vent will cool your attic whenever the sun is out, and it won't cost you a dime.