How to Make a Spiral Metal Garment Rack

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What You'll Need
Metal bar
Caster or furniture wheels
29-ball spiral rack
Tripod, four way connector, or metal plate
Drill and bits
Measuring device

Spiral metal garment racks can add attitude to any clothing display. Clothing boutiques often have spiral metal garment racks placed strategically around the store. The intricate design of these garment racks add or modifies the bland appeal of standard clothing racks. You could also use a spiral metal garment rack to add a dash of personality to key points of your room. You can easily set up or build your own spiral metal garment rack. To ensure your project’s success, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Measure the Area You will Place the Spiral Rack

Check the dimension of the areas where you plan to place your spiral metal garment racks. Line the areas with a pencil and ruler to get accurate measurements. The numbers you get will let you assess if a 29-ball spiral rack will fit in. Lessen the size of the spiral rack for small spaces.

Step 2 - Create the Base

If you are using a metal plate, start measuring the center of the area where you would install the metal bar or stand. Drill a hole at the center to insert the bar. Attach the bar to the base by using screws and clamps. In the case of a tripod or four-way connectors, simply attach the bar to the top hole.

Step 3 - Attach Caster Wheels

Consider assembling caster wheels at the bottom of the rack’s base. Do this by driving screws and drilling holes on the base as needed. Installing wheels will give you the benefit of moving your spiral rack to different locations.

Step 4 - Install the Spiral Ball Rack

Notice that the spiral ball rack has a curved design. This comes in with clamps that could be used to adjust the height of the ball rack. Clasp one end of the ball rack at the top end of the bar. Swing it until it falls to the exact spot where the other end should be clasped. Clamp it on the exact location.

Step 5 - Adorn or Paint Your Spiral Rack

Add more attitude to your spiral rack by infusing appliqués, or painting it your desired color.