How to Make a Stained Glass Storm Door

What You'll Need
Old newspaper
Rubber gloves
Black or color stained glass outliner
Stained glass paints
A piece of glass

Turning your glass storm door into a stained-glass storm door is not difficult and can add a personal and artistic touch to your home. The options for design and artistic appeal are limitless and can be very personalized by doing it yourself.

Step 1 - Prepare a Work Area 

For this project you will need a clean flat area to work in. It is important that you choose a surface that you can move to a safe area that will not be disturbed for at least a day of drying. Cover your work space with newspaper as you will be using stained glass paints. It is also advisable to wear rubber gloves during the painting part of the process to protect your skin.

Step 2 - Choose Your Design

For the specific design of your stained-glass storm door you can simply find a book with a design you like. Also, you can find many fantastic designs by searching the web. If you have a design of your own and are artistic enough to draw it yourself this is also completely acceptable. When you have chosen your design you will need to use a copier to blow it up or shrink it down to the exact size of the piece of glass you have chosen that will be visible when installed in your glass storm door.

Step 3 - Make a Template of Your Chosen Design

Once you have the design you want blown up to the size you want or drawn by you in the appropriate size you will need to make a template of it to apply to your glass. To do this, carefully trace your design onto a piece of tracing paper that you can then tape to the back side of the piece of glass you will be using.

Step 4 - Outline Your Design

Now you will be able to use the outliner that came with your stained glass kit to trace the edges of your chosen pattern onto the front of the glass. If you do not have outliner you can simply draw the outline of your design carefully onto the front of the piece of glass you are using. Allow this outliner to dry completely before moving on to painting.

Step 5 - Staining Your Glass

For this simple version of a stained-glass storm door you will simply paint the areas of the glass in between your outliner with the colors called for in your original design. The more bright and colorful the paint you choose the more pleasing light will reflect through your stained glass design. You will apply your paint with a paint brush to the glass being aware of the patterns your brush strokes may make.

Step 6 - Drying

You must allow your stained glass design to dry for at least a day in a horizontal position. Paint will run very easily on a smooth glassy surface if you stand it upright too early. In this case your patience will pay off. Once your stained glass creation is completely dry, it is ready for your glass storm door.