How to Make a Storage Headboard

What You'll Need
Electric drill
Screws and bolts
Four pieces of 6-cube storage units

Building a storage headboard is an extremely functional idea, and if done right, it can also add aesthetic value to a room. When a person enters the bedroom, the focus of attention is inevitably the bed, and hence the headboard too becomes an eye-catching piece. Building an attractive headboard that also provides adequate storage space for items such as books, odd knick-knacks and even small tools is an excellent way to use up freely available space. Building a storage headboard is also an inexpensive activity as the only material one has to invest in are cube shaped storage units that have to be affixed onto the bed.

Step One: Purchasing the Storage Units

The first step is to purchase the storage units from a reputed furniture and quality goods store. You might be tempted to skimp on storage units and purchase a make or style that is cheaper than the rest but it is important to remember that since a bed is an extremely durable piece of furniture you will also be better off buying storage units that have an equally long shelf life. By saving money on cheap units in the present, you might invariably end up spending more in the long run as inexpensive woods tend to crack, break or peel off. Ask the salespeople in the store for advice on which style of cube storage units would be the best for the bed in consideration. On an average, storage units that measure 36 inches in height and 23 inches in width are best suited for an average sized twin bed.

Step Two: Assembling the Purchased Storage Units

When purchased from the store, the storage units are usually disjointed pieces that need to be assembled. It is always possible to have the store assembled units delivered at home but this usually costs extra, and since the purpose of a do-it-yourself home activity is to save money, it is more advisable to piece the units together at home. These units come with instruction manuals from the manufacturers on how they are to be put together. Usually, a simple hammer and some nails, a screwdriver and some screws are all that is required to place the different pieces together and arrange the boards into the cube form.

Step Three: Arranging the Storage Units

This step involves placing the units in the formation that they are to be affixed to the bed. The standard configuration that is followed is usually two units being arranged in a pattern of 3 cubes by 4 cubes. The cubes have to be joined to each other. This is done by using the screws and drilling them into place with the electric drill. After this the same procedure is to be repeated with two more units. The last step in this part is to fix the second arrangement on top of the first such that the final product is arranged in the formation of 4 by 6 of 24 cubes.

Step Four: Fixing the Storage Headboard into Place

The headboard should be placed against the wall and then covered by the bed at the front end. It is now ready to be used.