How to Make a Tin Tile Backsplash Part 1

What You'll Need
Tin ceiling tiles
Chalk line
Heavy duty gloves
Tape measure
Grease-cutting cleaner
Sandpaper (80 grit)
Soap and water
Cloth or newspaper

Making a tin tile backsplash requires a lot of attention to details and patience. Tin tiles provide an elegant and dramatic look to any kitchen. There are several ways you can use tin tiles to enhance the look of your kitchen, such as a kitchen backsplash to add color and design to your kitchen wall.

Step 1. Measure the Kitchen

The first step to installing tin tiles for a kitchen backsplash is to measure the area of the kitchen where you want to install the tin tiles. Use the tape measure to do this task.

Tin tiles come in several different sizes. Generally, you can find tin tiles in 3 x 6 12-inch panels and 24-inch panels. There are different sizes available, but these are the standard sizes you will find.

There are also several designs and colors to choose from. However, tin panels that have been primed can be painted to a color you want. Tin tiles are also varied on how you can install them. The tiles are available as snaplock, nail up, and drop in.

Step 2. Remove any Outlets

Shut off your power so you can remove all electric outlets on the kitchen wall. Unscrew all the electric covers on the wall.

Step 3. Clean the Wall

Make sure that you clean the area where you will install the panels. Use a grease-cutting cleaner on the wall to remove any grease, oil and dust particles so that the caulk, glue, or tin tiles will adhere to the wall properly. Wash the wall with soap and water to remove any dirt. Dry the surface with a clean rag and let it dry for a few minutes.

Use an 80-grit sandpaper to smooth over the surface of the wall once the wall is dry. This is to rough out the surface of the wall, which will allow the adhesive to work properly.

Step 4. Protect the Countertops

Make sure you protect your countertops before you work on your backsplash. Use a cloth or old newspaper to cover the counters. The cloth should be big enough to cover the entire countertop.

Step 5. Make a Layout

Once you have cleaned the kitchen wall and purchased the appropriate number of panels required, you can then start laying out the kitchen area where the panels will be installed. With the chalk line, draw a grid to help guide you as to where you will place each panels. By doing this, the tin tiles will result to an even layout.

It is advisable to start at the corner of the kitchen wall. This will help you put the panels evenly and strategically.

Step 6. Laying Out the Tiles

Before you install the tin tiles, lay out the tiles on the floor to give you an idea of how it will look like and which panel will go where. The edges can be quite sharp, so always remember to wear heavy duty gloves when handling the tiles.