How to Make a Tray Coffee Table with Folding Legs

What You'll Need
Saw, Manual or Electric
Electric Drill
Palm Sander
Wood Glue
Safety Mask
Work Bench
Safety Goggles
Marine Plywood, 3/4 -inch
Solid Wood Edging, 1x10 inches
4 Pieces Wood, 1x2x30 inches
2 Pieces Wood, 1x2x 32 inches
Bolt & Nuts, 10mm, 2 1/2 inches long
Finishing Nails, 1 1/2 inches & 2 inches

A tray coffee table is a useful piece of furniture piece that you can easily set up or store away when not in use. Follow the simple steps below to make your own.

Step 1 – Get the Work Area Ready

Get enough space to cut the plywood. Assign a space for your electric saw to ensure you don’t get tangled with its cord or turn it on accidentally.

Step 2 – Cut the Plywood and Assemble Table Top

Cut 24x18 inches of plywood for the table top. Sand the rough edges. Stick wood edging using wood glue and finishing nails across all sides of the table top.

Cut one 12-inch piece and two 17-inch pieces off the 1x2x32-inch wood. Make a rounded cut on the opposite corners of the 12-inch length to become the stopper. Put glue on one side of the stopper, and press it 2 inches off the central edge of the long side of the table.

Hammer 1½-inch nails from table top down to the stopper at the underside. Drill a 10mm hole 2 inches from the tip on each of the two pieces of 17-inch wood. Fix this into the underside of the table like you did with the stopper piece. Align each on both of the shorter sides of the table top, 2 inches from the edge of the table. These will form as the pivot support. The holes must be facing the side opposite the stopper.

Step 3 – Cut and Assemble the Foldable Legs

Lay two pieces of the 30-inch legs at the inner portion of the table beside the pivot support. Mark and drill a hole at the tip of each length where it coincides with the pivot hole. Cut 3 inches off from the other two pieces of the 30-inch legs. Position these in between the formerly marked legs using C-clamps.

Align all the legs (the portion that will touch the floor) so the two legs at the center are off by 3 inches from the end with holes of the outer legs. Drill a mid-pivot hole 15 inches from the tip of the aligned legs. Nail a support brace of 16-inch length in between the outer legs; allow 6 inches from the tip to touch the floor.

Cut another 16-inch support brace. Attach each outer leg to the pivot at the table top with bolt and nuts. Then attach the inner legs on the mid-pivot holes. Fix the 16-inch support brace on the upper part of the inner legs. This should be the one to meet flat into the stopper when you let the table stand.

Step 5 – Finishing up

Apply wood primer or woods varnish on your table.