How to Make a Tufted Headboard

What You'll Need
Upholstery thread
2 foam
Polyester upholstery batting
Upholstery needle
1/2 plywood
Spray adhesive
Wood screws
2-1x4 boards
Drill bit
Staple gun with 1/2 " staples
Tape measure

A Tufted headboard can be very expensive to purchase. However for less than 1/3 of the cost, a little creativity and a helping friend can make a custom headboard at home. If you can drill a hole and sew on a button you can do this project.

    Step 1: Measure

    Measure the mattress width of your bed, add 4” and write that number down. Then measure how tall you will want your tufted headboard to be.

    Step 2: Shop the Materials

    You will need to purchase the fabric, batting, and foam 1 foot longer and 1 ft wider then the headboard will be so you can wrap it around the wood.

    Step 3: Decide the Location

    Decide where you will want each tuft located on your headboard and mark the wood with a marker. Once you make all of your marks use the drill to drill small holes through the wood in those places.

    Step 4: Apply the Foam

    Use the spray adhesive to adhere the foam to one side of the plywood. Allow this to dry for one hour before you continue.

    Step 5: Lay the Fabric

    Lay your fabric on the floor with the front side down and lay the cotton batting on top of it. Then lay the foam-covered wood on top of the batting. 

    Step 6: Attach the Fabric

    To attach the fabric to your tufted headboard using the stapler,  work from the middle to one side. Staple the fabric to the back of the headboard. You will need to work from the middle to the outside and gently tug the fabric tight as you work to avoid having it offset or crooked.

    Step 7: Tufting

    Once all of the fabric is on and looks right, place some upholstery thread in your needle and poke it through the hole you drilled in the back of the board. Attach the button like you were sewing it on a shirt and pull the thread back through the wood. From the back of the board pull the button as tight as you can and tie it. Then use staples to staple the leftover thread so it is pulled tight and attached to the wood. Continue in this manner until all of the buttons are attached to the tufted headboard.

    Step 8: Attach the Legs

    Use the 1x4 to make legs for your tufted headboard to attach it to your bed frame or simple hang the headboard on the wall above your bed. When hanging it on the wall, make sure to affix it to the studs in the wall for stability.

    Your new tufted headboard is now done. You can stand back and admire your hard work knowing you saved a lot of money for a custom tufted headboard that will be the envy of all your friends.