How to Make a Unique Christmas Tree Skirt

You can adorn your Christmas tree with a unique Christmas tree skirt by using some common decorative items and a little of your own imagination. Making a homemade Christmas tree skirt can be a family project that the kids will love.

Tools and Materials

  • 5 yards of holiday inspired fabric
  • Craft glue
  • Gold cording
  • Fringe edging
  • Glitter
  • Holiday appliques

Step 1: Choose Your Fabric

When choosing your fabric to make your Christmas tree skirt, make sure you choose holiday motifs and colors. In addition, fabrics such as velvet and felt are compatible with the holiday season and are easy to work with. Make sure that you purchase at least 5 yards of fabrics. This will allow your tree skirt to extend adequately beyond your tree stand.

Step 2: Cut a Slit to the Center of the Fabric

Carefully cut a slit until you have reached the center of the fabric piece. This will allow you to wrap your tree skirt around the tree stand. Cut slowly and carefully, taking care not to injure yourself.

Step 3: Glue on Your Materials

Carefully glue your fringe around the bottom of your fabric. After the fringe has dried, glue your gold cording just above the fringe to give it a finishing touch.

Next, glue your holiday-themed appliques evenly around your fabric. After the appliques have been attached, outline them with a thin line of glue, and gently apply glitter. Allow your tree skirt to completely dry before using it.