How to Make a Vanity for a Handicap Bathroom

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What You'll Need
Power drill
Nuts and bolts
Safety mirror
Tape measure
Wood glue
Paint or stain

A vanity can be a beneficial addition to a handicap bathroom; however, it will be necessary to consider several aspects in the course of building the unit to ensure it is fit for use. By following a few steps, you will find it possible to design and build a vanity that is suitable for someone who is physically challenged.

Step 1 - Design

First create a design for the vanity to be used as a plan for the building process. Consider the needs of the individual who will be using the bathroom. For example, if it needs to be able to accommodate a wheelchair, it must be wide and low to allow the user full access. Measure the area in which the vanity will be placed to ensure that there will be sufficient space. In some cases, it is worth building a lip around the back and sides of the tabletop to keep it enclosed and prevent items falling.

Step 2 - Measure and Cut

Measure and mark the wood to the correct dimensions. Use a handsaw or table saw to cut the pieces of wood according to the measurements. Ensure that the measurements are precise to ensure the resulting vanity will be stable. Sand the edges to leave them smooth and ready for the next part of the process.

Step 3 - Assemble

Use a power drill to drill the necessary holes that will enable you to attach the legs to the vanity. Apply wood glue to the area where the leg meets the tabletop; doing so will ensure that it remains in place while the fastener is being fitted. Securely tighten the bolts or screws to fit the components without cracking the wood. Where possible, obtain a mirror that uses safety glass, which is already securely fitted into a frame. Secure it to the rear of the vanity by bolting it in place along the lower edge.

Step 4 - Finish

Apply non-toxic stain or paint to add color. A vanity that is used in a handicap bathroom can be made more safe with padding. It can be attached to the legs with wood glue, wrapping it to prevent any accidents. It can also be added to the edges of the tabletop if they are a risk. The risk of the vanity tipping can be reduced by attaching it to the wall with a strap linking the rear of the vanity to the wall.