How to Make a Window Schedule for New Home Plans

What You'll Need
Services of an architect
Services of a contractor
New home plan

Making a window schedule for new home plans allows the scheduling of the build for the windows. This is done by the project management software that comes with an architectural design program used by an architect. Knowing how to make the window schedule for a new home plan requires a home builder, architect and their knowledge and ability to create a window schedule for your new home.

Even if you are acting as general contractor for the construction of your new home, use an architect and/or home builder to create the window schedule. Your assistance is needed to get a sense of when the schedule will be and how it will be accomplished once set. Without the extensive experience of the architect or home builder, you will spend time and energy, as well as money on a task that can be handled simply and easily.

Software Available for Setting Window Schedules

There is software available that can help you with creating a window schedule. Because the requirements differ for each version of the software, this article will not focus or discuss its availability, but advocate the use of a professional architect or home builder to accomplish the setting of the window schedule. 

Step 1 - Contact a Architect and Home Builder

Make contact with a qualified architect and/or home builder to obtain the plans for your new home. The plans will contain the dimensions, design and other elements of the home needed for the builder to perform their task. 

Step 2 - Meet with the Architect

Consult with the architect to determine the best positioning for the windows and determine the type needed based on the type of new home you are building. The window schedule will be built based on the parameters that you set for the windows and the architect’s knowledge of dimensions, including width, depth, height and the type of lighting that will come through the windows. All of these factors are considered by the architect when setting the window schedule.

Step 3 - Meet with the Builder

Once the architect designs the window schedule for your new home, take their drawings to the home builder. The home builder will decide how to install the windows based on the schedule set forth by the architect. Any issues or concerns that the builder has with the window schedule as set forth in the new home plans can be discussed between the architect and the home builder.

Step 4 - Make Modifications to the Window Schedule

Modifications or changes to the window schedule based on the builder’s requirement or the applicable building code for the community you live in will need to be worked out between them. The architect should incorporate the changes as needed for the builder to be able to meet the building code requirements for the community and file the plans with the building inspector’s office for approval.