How to Make a Wood Chair Seat

What You'll Need

If you are keen to start making your own wooden furniture, then you could start with a simple but useful wood chair seat. Chairs and seats form the backbone of much woodwork, and this is the perfect type of project for a beginner. A wood chair seat is easily made from a number of woods, and you will be easily able to complete this simple piece of woodwork. To get the most from your task, you will need to gather up some basic home improvement tools, and by following some easy guidelines, you will be able to make your own wood chair seat.

Step 1 - Choose the Wood

Before you can start making your wood chair seat you will need to pick out a good quality wood. You could choose to make your seat from a large piece of lumber, or from a very expensive piece of wood. The size and shape of the wood will also affect the final product, so you might consider looking for a tree stump, or a large part of a tree, and then manufacturing the seat from one piece. Alternatively, you can purchase several planks of plywood, and simply form the seat by nailing them to a wooden frame. However you make your own wood chair seat, you need to get a good wood which will be hard enough to carry the weight of a person.

Step 2 - Cut the Wood

Once you have chosen the wood, you can then begin to cut it down using a saw. Make sure that you cut the wood to a suitable size, so that you can use as much of the wood as possible without making the seat an unsuitable size. If you are using a natural stump as the basis for your work, then you will also need to file off any twigs or branches that are growing from the base. Make sure that the wood is smooth. You may need to remove excess wood using a small chisel.

Step 3 - Form the Frame

If you are making your seat from some lumber planks, then you will need to form a wooden frame. Measure four pieces of lumber to the same length, and then  nail or screw them together. Place the lumber planks over the frame, and cut it to size. When this has been done, nail it to the frame, so that the seat is tightly fixed. You can fit the planks together tightly, or you can screw them onto the frame with a little space in between. This should give you a good seat area.

Step 4  - Finish the Wood

The final step is to sand the wood and apply a varnish. You can use sandpaper, or a small sander such as a a delta. Smooth the wood until there are no sharp edges left, and then apply a layer of varnish over the top. Varnish can be added in several layers using a paintbrush, and leaving time to dry in between.