How to Make a Wood Pantry Cabinet

Lead Image
  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1,000-2,000
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Framing square
Wood glue
Small box of 3-penny nails
Variable speed drill
Philips head-screw tip
1/2 -inch drywall screws
1 set of full overlay door hinges with screws
4 adjustable 72-inch-long tracks
1 piece of 4 by 30 by 3/4 -inch plywood
1 piece of 31 1/2 by 79 1/4 by 1/4 -inch plywood
1 piece of 31 1/2 by 83 by 3/4 -inch plywood
2 pieces of 18 by 30 by 3/4 -inch plywood
2 pieces of 18 by 84 by 3/4 -inch plywood
4 pieces of 29 7/16 by 18 by 3/4 -inch plywood

A wood pantry cabinet is a very useful storage idea for your kitchen. A lot of people resort to installing a pantry cabinet, especially if their kitchen does not have enough storage space. If you want a pantry cabinet that is tailored to your kitchen’s needs, you should always build it yourself. The following steps will guide you in building a standard wood pantry cabinet on your own.

Step 1 - Mark For the Shelves

Put the two plywood pieces measuring 18x84x¾-inch on a worktable. Measure 4 inches from one end of both pieces and use the pencil to mark the spot. Then, measure 1½-inch from the other end of both pieces and mark again.

Step 2 - Use the Framing Square

Position the framing square on the marks and draw lines across the 18-inch wide plywood. The previous 4-inch mark is for the bottom shelf, while the 1 ½-inch mark is for the top shelf.

Step 3 - Measure and Mark the Long Edges

Start measuring the long edges and make several marks 2 inches away from each other. When you’re ready, place the adjustable shelf track on the line and secure it to the plywood with tacks.

Step 4 - Fix the Shelves

The two pieces of 18x30x¾-inch wood will be used as shelves. Apply wood glue to their 18-inch edges and place them on the lines drawn in Step 2. Secure them with the 1½-inch drywall screws.

Step 5 - Assemble the Support Frame

It is now time to deal with the 4x30x¾-inch plywood. Apply glue to one of its long edges as well as to its two short edges, then place it under the top shelf at the pantry’s back. You can now secure it to the sides of the pantry using the variable speed drill and the drywall screws. Do the same with the two pieces measuring 3¼x30x¾-inches, but secure these to the bottom side of the bottom shelf, at the front and back of the pantry. These two pieces will support your pantry.

Step 6 - Finish the Back

Apply some glue to the ¾-inch edges at the back of the pantry. Then, place the 31x½x79x¼x ¼-inch plywood on the pantry’s back, making sure you align it with the bottom of the bottom shelf and the top of the top shelf. Use the penny nails to secure it to the pantry.

Step 7 - Install the Hinges and Doors

Install the full-overlay door hinges on the 31½x83x¾-inch plywood door, using the screws supplied with the hinges, and install the door on the pantry.

Step 8 - Place the Shelf Clips

Finally, place the shelf clips wherever you wish on the adjustable track. Then, place the four 29 7/16 x18x¾-inch pieces on the clips, and your wood pantry cabinet is ready for use.

While the process may seem complicated, there should really be no trouble if you stick to the steps. Building your own wood pantry cabinet is a satisfying task which guarantees you all the necessary storage space you need in your kitchen.