How to Make a Wooden Jewelry Box

What You'll Need
Wooden slabs (2 pieces, 1 inch by 4 inches by 12 inches each)
Additional wood (2 pieces, 1 inch by 4 inches by 4.5 inches each; 1 piece, 1 inch by 4.5 inches by 10 inches; 1 piece, 1 inch by 6.5 inches by 12 inches)
Electric drill with 1/16 inch bit for drilling wood
Small wood finish nails and hammer
Piano hinge with tacks or screws to insert it
Wood glue
Varnish or paint

A wooden jewelry box can make a great and highly practical gift for anyone with jewelry to store. It can also be a good at-home project to do with other members of your family or by yourself as well. Storing your jewelry in a wooden box helps to keep it safe and also to ensure that you don't lose it. This makes it easier to find your jewelry in a hurry. Read on for a brief guide on how to build a small wooden jewelry box at home.

Step 1 -- Drill Pilot Holes

First, lay out the two wooden slabs that are 1x4x12 inches in diameter on a work table. Use the electric drill to drill pilot holes for the nails about a quarter of an inch from the narrow edge of the slabs for 3 sides of each piece of wood. The pilot holes should be spaced about 2 inches apart each and should run around the entirety of the two shorter sides of the slabs, as well as one of the longer sides.

Step 2 -- Attach the Sides

Place glue on the 4-inch sides of the 2 1x4x4.5-inch pieces of wood, and glue them to the inside of the edge of one of the two first slabs such that the side of the first slab without pilot holes is on the top. These will be the two sides of the box. Glue the other side of the side pieces and attach the front longer slab to complete the rectangle. Secure the pieces by inserting nails through the pilot holes.

Step 3 -- Attach the Bottom

Place glue on all 4 of the narrow sides of the 1x4.5x10-inch piece of wood and place it inside of the rectangular wooden piece that you've previously built. This will serve as the bottom. Secure it in place with nails around all four sides.

Step 4 -- Secure the Hinge

Secure the hinge on the top of the box such that the remaining piece of wood will fit properly as the top. Attach the other end of the hinge to the box and secure the lid on the top as well. Check to be sure that the lid opens properly.

Step 5 -- Finish the Box

Use stain, lacquer or paint to finish the box as you desire. You can also lay felt or another fabric inside of the box to help protect the jewelry. If you'd like to make the box somewhat fancier, include smaller wooden slabs inside of the box to make different compartments for the jewelry.