How to Make an Acrylic Concrete Patch Mix

What You'll Need
Acrylic Patch
Plastic Mixer
Bonding Agent

A concrete patch is something that a homeowner may need to do to keep the integrity of their foundation, walkway, or retaining wall strong. The patch for the concrete is mostly a spread-on patch that hardens when it is dry. There are several different types of concrete patches available to homeowners. Some patches are latex, some are concrete, and some are an acrylic substance. These patches work to make a waterproof seal which will help in keeping the cracks from growing any larger. Mixing up an acrylic concrete patch is a little different than a traditional patch made out of concrete. 

Step 1: Decide Which Acrylic Patch to Use

Before working on the concrete wall, you will need to decide on which type of acrylic concrete patch you want to use. One is a resin that you mix with some concrete paint to give it the bonding strength it needs. The other is a brush-on application that must dry before you can add the final patch. However, both these types must be mixed before you can use them.

Step 2: Clean a Bucket

To mix the acrylic mixture you will need to have a clean bucket. Rinse out a plastic bucket with some water and detergent. Any impurities that make their way into the mixture will hamper the bonding affect of the acrylic resin. Rinse out the detergent and dry it thoroughly. 

Step 3: Add Acrylic Resin First

Pour in a small amount of the acrylic resin into the bucket. Make sure it coats the bottom of the bucket. 

Step 4: Add Bonding Agent

It is important to note that as soon as you add the bonding agent to the resin it will begin to set up. You want to work very fast from here until you finish spreading it on the wall. Mix in a small amount of the bonding agent. It will be much thicker than the resin. Mix it together with a plastic mixer. Make sure to incorporate all of the bonding agent in with the resin. 

Step 5: Spread on Wall

With a thin spreader, set the concrete patch mixture onto the concrete and spread it out into a thin covering. Depending on the type of acrylic resin you chose it will either be a milky white color or the color of the bonding agent. Make sure to cover the entire length of the crack in the wall.

Step 6: Apply Concrete Paint

Unlike other forms of concrete patch, this type of patch must be sealed in order to protect. While it is a hard shell, it still needs the mixture of the concrete patch paint. Once the acrylic has dried apply the concrete patch paint. You will know that the acrylic resin had dried when it turns to a clear finish. 

Step 7: Inspect Patch for Breaks

After the acrylic mix dries there is the slight possibility it will crack, or separate from the wall. This is due to some dirt in the mix, or to not adhering correctly. Inspect the patch before putting your materials away. You may need to fill in an area.