How to Make an Adirondack Chair Out of Used Skis

What You'll Need
Used skis
Decking screws
Tape measure
Face mask
Safety gloves

The Adirondack chair is a traditional item of furniture in the United States, made out of anything available, including used skis. The principle of the Adirondack chair is to create a supportive, comfortable chair, but without the finessing that you might expect from shop-bought items. These chairs look weathered, enduring, and sometimes can be very roughly made indeed. However, you should be able to make a great Adirondack chair from used skis, which will not only look interesting, but will also be true to the principles of the furniture design. You can easily make this kind of chair by following some simple instructions.

Step 1 - Plan Your Adirondack Chair

You need to make a careful plan of the Adirondack chair before you can begin building it. Make sure that you know how to construct a basic Adirondack chair, and also the size of the chair that you want. You can then draw a blueprint which will give you the dimensions of the chair, plus an exploded diagram which will allow you to see all of the screws and other pieces which you have to install in your chair before it is finished.

Step 2 - Prepare the Skis

Take all of the bindings and accessories off of the skis. You will need to remove the small screws which hold on the binding straps for your used skis. These can then be discarded into the trash. They are usually too large and weighty to keep with your skis. Make sure that all of the skis are thoroughly cleaned before continuing. Cut the skis into the dimensions required for your blueprint.

Step 3-   Assemble the Frame

Make your frame for the chair from the pieces of wood which you have. You will need a seat, a box base, and a back. You should then screw the back and the seat together, adding two half-skis for arm rests on each side. Attach these using some angle brackets. You will also need to use 4 half-skis for the legs of the chair, although these can be filled in with wood. You can also cut more skis to make slatted front legs for your chair.

Step 4 - Assemble the Seat and Back

Take your used skis, and cut enough to be screwed onto the seat frame of the chair. You will need at least 6 half-skis to make a suitable seat for your needs. You should complete the back of the chair in the same way. Use your drill to push the screws through the skis and into the wooden frame behind. You will need around 2 screws for each of the cut down skis you are using. You should finish by adding more cut down ski parts to the sides of the Adirondack chair, in order to make a decorative front for the piece of furniture.