How To Make An Air Mattress Frame

What You'll Need
Six 7 by 2 X 4 boards
Three 6 by 4 X 4 boards
One sheet of 3/4 inch plywood, 10 X 5
Tape Measure
Circular saw
Belt sander
Stain or paint
2 1/2 inch wood screws
1 1/2 inch wood screws

If you use an air mattress on a regular basis, building an air mattress frame is a good idea. This is a great project for a guest room that is frequently used and it isn’t terribly challenging. Here’s how you can build your own air mattress frame for a queen sized mattress.

Step 1- Cut the Boards

You will need to use the 2 X 4 lumber and cut two 6 foot 9 inch pieces with the circular saw. You will also need to cut 4 foot 9 inch pieces out of the 2 X 4 wood. Place these to side and take the 4 X 4 lumber to cut three 6 foot pieces.

Now take the three six foot pieces you cut and cut those in half. These pieces will serve as the legs for the frame.
You will need to cut the plywood down to a size of 6 foot 9 inches long by 5 feet wide.

Step 2- Start the Base

Gather the 6 X 8 and the 4 X 9's and attach them to form a rectangular shaped frame. Use your drill and the wood screws for this. Take the two longer pieces of lumber and lay them out on a solid surface. Their short edges should be parallel to one another and spaced five feet apart. The shorter pieces should sit in between them. The 2 ½ inch screws should be used to drill through the pieces to attach them.

Step 3- Finish the Base

The two remaining pieces of 2 X 4 boards will serve as the edge or lip for the frame. Place these in equal distance from each other inside the support frame you just created/ Attach these with the 2 ½ inch screws so they attach to the 6 by 8 sides.

Step 4- Create the Legs

You can now start to work on the legs. Use four 3 foot sections of 4 X 4 lumber and attach them to the inside corners. Place one section on end against each corner and drill the 2 ½ inch screws through the frame in each place the legs are positioned.

Step 5- Finish It Up

From here you can flip the frame on to it’s legs. Use the plywood as a support base for the air mattress. The 1 ½ wood screws will work just fine for this. Secure the plywood down every six inches as you work around the frame.

Step 6- Finish the Wood

Now you can move on to any finishing such as paint or stain that you’d like to use. Wait for it to dry completely before you place your mattress in it.

You can now enjoy the new frame you’ve constructed for your air mattress!