How to Make an Aluminum Screen Porch Door

What You'll Need
Aluminum screen door kit
Rubber mallet

An aluminum screen porch door allows air to circulate inside the home during hot summer days while preventing bees, mosquitoes and other insects from entering. Although these doors can be easily bought from a home-improvement store, you can create your own and save some cash by assembling the parts from an aluminum screen door kit.

Step 1 – Choose a High Quality Screen Door Kit Product

A kit is the easiest solution when deciding to build your own screen door. Since not all screen door materials are of the same quality, it is best to choose one that will endure the test of time. An extruded aluminum screen door kit is the perfect choice because the materials used are made to last longer. The kit also included all needed hardware so there is no need to purchase additional door hinges, bolts, and handles.

Step 2 – Check all Parts

Go through all the parts of the kit listed in a check list and see if everything is present. If the kit has missing parts, have it replaced immediately. The typical kit should have 2 vertical rails, 2 horizontal rails, aluminum screen, rollers, and a door handle. Make sure that the dimensions of the door also fit the dimensions for the door opening in your porch.

Step 3 – Assemble the Screen Door

Check the instructional manual for the kit to find how the parts of the door should be assembled correctly. Assemble the vertical and horizontal rails. Use a rubber mallet to strike the ends of the shorter vertical rails to both horizontal rails. All 4 rails should form a firmly assembled rectangle that will provide the frame for the aluminum screen. Check all ends of the rails to see if they are fitted properly. The mitered joints must be matched correctly so that no edges are protruding out of the ends of each rail.

If a center rail is included in the kit, mount it to the center portion of the door and secure it in place using the given screws or mounting hardware. Tighten the screws. Unroll the aluminum screen and position it at the back of the rails. If the door kit does not come with an aluminum screen roll, purchase one at a local store and cut it to its proper dimension. Install it at the back of the rails. Ensure that the entire opening inside the rails is covered with the material. Secure the screen with the mounting hardware provided in the kit.

When the door is nearly complete, install the door handle to its respective location. Install the door closer as well to the center rail or the top rail depending on the product design. When all parts are assembled, install it to the door opening on the porch.

Step 4 – Install the Door

Use the door mounting hardware provided in the kit to secure the door to the opening. Mount the spring on the door closer to the door jamb as well. Test the installation.