How to Make an Ice Luge Out of a Storage Bin

What You'll Need
Storage bin
Measuring cup
Warm water
Chisel or knife

An ice luge is basically a block of ice, which incorporates a channel carved along its length for liquid, usually alcohol, to pass through. Making an ice luge is relatively easy, and it is definitely a creative project that can enliven a summer party. In fact you can easily make an ice luge out of a simple storage bin. Let us describe how to go about it in further detail.

Step 1 – Choosing and Preparing the Storage Bin

The main requirement, which will be crucial for the success of this project, is purchasing a suitable storage bin or container. First of all bear in mind that this will need to fit in your freezer compartment, so do consider the space that you have available. Next, wash it well and dry with a clean cloth.

Step 2 – Filling the Storage Bin with Water

Now your storage bin is ready for use. Primarily, you have to fill it in with water. The water should be cool, and make sure to leave a little space at the top for expansion, that is, do not fill it to the brim.

Step 3 – Place in the Freezer

Now you can place the storage bin filled with water in the freezer. Lift it carefully so as not to spill water in the process. Make sure to make the necessary adjustments in the freezer so the storage bin is propped up at an angle. You can place another container under one side, so as to lift it upwards slightly and allow it to tilt. This is why it is very important not to fill the container to the brim in the previous step. Leave it in the freezer until the water has become iced.

Step 4 – The Carving

Once the water has become ice, you have to move onto the carving process. Using a chisel or a knife, start cutting a channel in the ice. The channel in an ice luge is usually in an s-shape. The channel should be at least 1 inch wide. If you intend to have more than one person drinking at the base of the ice luge, you will have to make another channel. In such a case make sure that if the channels are made to intersect, there will be enough space for the two people to stand at the ice luge’s base drinking simultaneously.

Step 5 – Smoothening the Channel

Now once the carving is done, carefully remove the ice luge from the storage bin and place it in the sink. Fill a measuring cup with some warm water, ideally at the recommended temperature of 110 degrees F. Then, pour this water through the channels you carved. This will help to smoothen the pathway and remove rough edges from the carvings.

Step 6 – Drinking

Now you can use your ice luge by pouring alcoholic drinks from the top downwards, right into the awaiting open mouths of your friends. Enjoy!