How to Make an Indoor Firewood Stand

Making a firewood stand for the inside of your house not only makes the firewood easy to access when placing logs into the fire, but it allows you to have all of the materials to start the fire in one place. There are many different ways to build a firewood stand, but all of them can easily be made within an hour or two by any homeowner. The following pattern is to make an enclosed firewood stand, that has a section for logs and then a section for the kindling, paper, and matches. It measures 2x2 feet and 15 inches wide.

Tools and Materials

  • Screw gun
  • Wood screws
  • Tape measure
  • Power saw (Chop saw or Skill saw)
  • Particle board
  • 2x4-inch boards

Step 1: Cut the Framing Lumber

Cut all of the lumber needed so that you can assemble the firewood stand at one time. First of all, cut two pieces of 2x4-inch lumber at 24 inches, and two at 12 inches. These four pieces are the framing pieces for the bottom. Repeat these cuts for the top framing boards; two pieces of 2x4-inch boards at 24 inches and two at 12 inches. Now you need to cut the framing pieces that go up. To do this, cut six pieces of 2x4-inch lumber at 24 inches.

Step 2: Cut the Siding and Center Divider

After the framing studs are ready, cut two pieces of particle board to form a square that is 2x2 feet (24 inches square). Now cut two pieces of particle board at 15x24 inches. Now cut the middle board that will divide the sections. This piece, when cut, should measure 24x12 inches. For the bottom, cut a piece of particular board at 24 inches by 15 inches.

Step 3: Build the Frame

Lay two pieces of 24-inch 2x4-inch boards onto the floor, standing on their sides. Lay two more pieces of wood, the ones that are 12 inches long, and place them flush on the inside of the others, making a box. Secure these together with two wood screws, one on top and one on bottom. Repeat this step for the top framing pieces. Now lay these boxes on their sides and place one 2x4-inch board that has been cut at 24 inches on the inside of the frame, in the corner of the framing box, making sure that the bottoms are flush. Secure these together with wood screws. Repeat this step for all four corners, making sure that the uprights are all facing the same direction. Now place the top framing square onto the uprights, making sure that they are also placed on the inside with the bottoms flush.

Step 3: Add Middle Runners

After the framing has all been secured, place the two remaining 2x4-inch boards in the middle of box, measuring in 5 inches from one side or the other.

Step 4: Add the Siding

The first piece of siding that goes on is the middle divider so that you can reach in with the screw gun. Attach this piece, along with the sides and the bottom, and you are done.

You can always paint this firewood stand to match the colors in your house, or you can leave it natural looking. The choice is yours.