How to Make an Indoor Water Fountain

What You'll Need
Water pump
Water pump cover
Power source
Flexible tubing that will fit the pump
Small copper elbow for the tubing

Having an indoor water fountain can be very beneficial to one’s well being. There is something very calming and relaxing about hearing the soft trickle of water to keep your stress level down. Making your own indoor water fountain is not difficult and does not require a lot of expensive material but it will give you hours of relaxation that you can relish for years.

Step 1 - Choosing a Location for the Fountain

Choose the best location for your fountain, being sure that it is near a power source so that the pump will be able to work. The cord should be close to the wall outlet so that no one can trip on the cord. If you are going to use a table or some sort of stand for your water fountain, be sure it is stable enough to hold to hold the fountain.

Step 2 - Choosing and Preparing the Container

Choose a decorative bowl or other container that will be large enough to hold the pump, and one that is level at the bottom. Make sure that the bowl or container is wide enough to let the pump and tubing bend upward along the rocks that will eventually be placed around it. Now, place the container in the location that you chose for your fountain.

Step 3 - Choosing and Preparing the Rocks

The rocks for your fountain should vary in size from small to large and be in different shapes and colors. There should be enough rocks to cover the pump completely and to go up for several inches.

Step 4 - Connecting the Pump and Tubing

Get the pump and set the pump in the middle of the bowl or container. Be certain that the cord can reach the power source and that it will not be an obstruction in any way. Connect the tubing to the pump; and after you have connected the tubing to the pump place the cover over the pump. Do this carefully as the tubing will have to come up through your rock formation.

Step 5 - Arranging the Rocks, Pump and Tubing

Place the bigger rocks at the bottom; arrange your rocks in graduating sizes going upward to form a stack around the pump. Check the rocks as you are stacking them around the pump to be sure they are sturdy enough to handle the weight of the water. Make certain that the tubing is in the center of the stack of rocks.

Step 6 - Attaching Copper Elbow and Finishing

When you have stacked the rocks and have reached the height you want with the rocks, then cut the tubing. You can now attach the copper elbow at an angle that will allow the water to flow down the rocks. There should be enough water in the bowl or container to cover the pump completely. You can now turn on your new indoor water fountain and enjoy the serenity of flowing water.