How to Make an Iron Holder

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What You'll Need
Metal strips
Solder gun
Metal snips
Tape measure

An iron holder is a device that is used to store your clothes iron. It is usually made from heat-resistant metal and strong enough to support the weight of the hanger. Many iron holders are also designed with hooks so that you can hold the iron board in place and free up some valuable floor space in your home. To create your own, you will need some skill with a soldering gun or welder so you can bond the metal pieces needed to hold the iron in place when not in use.

Step 1 - Purchase Materials

Purchase metal that you can use to form a frame to rest the iron on when not in use. You will also need a soldering iron and solder to attach strips to the frame that you fabricate.

It will be easier to purchase the metal as strips of about ½-inch to 1 inch rather than whole metal sheets that need to be cut. If you are unable to have strips cut, you will need to purchase a pair of metal snips and cut the metal yourself.

Step 2 - Form the Frame for the Iron Holder

Place the strips of metal on a metal table in the form of a box. The box should be as wide and as long as the iron that it will hold. Measure your iron if you are unsure of the dimensions. Next, fasten together the corners of the metal strips. Use a soldering iron to solder on the corners of the box frame. Begin taking a piece of the solder and placing it on the corner of your box frame, applying heat from the soldering iron to fasten the corner. Repeat this process for all 4 corners of the metal frame

Step 3 - Form the Resting Stand for the Iron Holder

Slightly bend 1 strip of metal. When fastened to the box frame, it will give the appearance of an oval, which is where you will rest the iron when not in use.

Step 4 - Mount the Iron Holder to the Wall

Drill a small hole in the center of the top of the iron holder. Attach a wall hanger or nail to the wall where the iron holder will be placed. Put the iron hanger on the wall and this should complete this project, with the iron holder now ready for you to use with your clothes iron.