How to Make an Oak Headboard

What You'll Need
Oak (see step one for ideas)
Measuring tape
Drill with bits
Heavy screws and nails
Wood glue
Table saw
Finishing materials (paint, upholstery, etc)

An oak headboard can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom set. With the cost of just about everything going up nowadays, it isn't a crazy idea to just go out and build your own headboard, regardless of the materials at hand. With oak though, the process is not too complicated, depending of course on the complexity of the headboard you are designing. Look at some of the steps below for inspiration.

Step 1 - Buy Your Oak

Getting a fresh sheet of oak to use for the headboard can be both costly and wasteful. Rather than using a fresh piece, you could look into buying an already made headboard from a bed that is a bit bigger than yours. For a full size bed, buy an old queen size headboard and trim it down. You can find stuff like that in flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales pretty easily, and as long as the wood is good. you have something fit for a project.

You could also look at getting a large oak door that could just be flipped to make into a headboard. There should be a place in town that carries scrap wood. There you can find a lot of cool pieces to make furniture out of, like paint-pealed windows to use for framing art or old cabinet doors to scuff up and put in your kitchen. The choices are endless, but just know that you don't have to buy a new piece of wood for your headboard.

Step 2 - Determine Dimensions

The design of the headboard is really up to you. There are actually a lot of templates available online and in most home improvement stores that you can reference for exact measurements. Some people just like to wing it. Consider how high you want the headboard to show, but for the measurements you will need to take into account how high it will be off the ground and how high the mattress and boxspring are. You don't need to have the full headboard touch the ground because there will be legs for that.

Step 3 - Cut the Headboard

Use your table saw to cut the headboard to its dimensions. Then get 2 posts to use on each side that will frame the headboard and act as the back legs for the bed. These should be thick because they will provide the main support for the unit. Cut them so they fit the desired height you want all the way from floor to ceiling.

Step 4 - Glue and Screw

To put everything together, start by drilling the holes for your screws. Then put a bead of wood glue along the post where it will meet the oak. Secure it in place with the glue and clamp it if possible. Otherwise, start screwing everything together. Once the headboard has had time to dry, drill the holes to attach the bead frame and do so accordingly.

Step 5 - Other Options

You can go ahead and make an upholstered piece to put on the headboard or stain/paint it as you like. Then just secure the frame afterward.