How to Make an Organizational Magnetic Board

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What You'll Need
Galvanized sheet metal
Spray adhesive
Paper tube
Wire hanger
Hot glue gun
Bulldog clip

Oftentimes, organizing in a small space requires finding the perfect hidden place to store your things. But, sometimes storing your stuff in plain sight can be both beautiful and organizational! A simple way to do this is to use an organizational magnetic board. These boards can be used in any room of your home, and because they are magnetic, you can constantly readjust the boards to organize your things in new ways!

This article focuses on making a magnetic board to organize jewelry, but it can be used to organize almost anything. The best part is that you can customize your own board by choosing the best size, color, and style to perfectly match your space. So, if you're looking to make a magnetic jewelry organizer, great! This guide is for you. If not, follow it loosely and adapt if for your own storage needs.

Step 1 – Gather Materials

materials for magnetic board

To get started, you will first need to gather your materials. When looking for a flat piece of sheet metal, it is important to remember not to get aluminum because it is not magnetic. Be sure and check any metal surface with a magnet before you begin to be sure this will work when it is created.

Step 2 – Prepare Fabric

fabric on metal

Lay the sheet of metal on your fabric. Cut the fabric around the metal sheet, leaving two or three inches of excess on all sides. Set aside extra scraps of fabric. Make sure the piece of fabric is not wrinkled, you don’t want any noticeable creases on your finished board.

Step 3 – Begin Adhering Fabric to Metal

adhering fabric to metal

This step should be done on a surface you don’t mind getting sticky, either in a well-ventilated garage or outdoors.

Lay fabric wrong side up and place the metal sheet centered on the fabric. Spray a coat of adhesive along the top and bottom of the metal and fabric. Tightly fold each the top and bottom sides of fabric over and rub to adhere firmly to the metal.

Step 4 – Finish Adhering Fabric to Metal

fabric magnetic organizer board

Before adhering the final two sides of fabric, fold in both corners on each side. Spray a coat of adhesive along the fabric and fold each side down onto the metal. Make sure to pull the fabric tight as you do this, so it looks crisp.

Allow the adhesive to dry while you complete the following steps.

Step 5 – Make Bracelet Holder

jewelry organizer

Cut off a piece of the paper roll. A wrapping paper roll was used in this project, but a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll will also work.

Trim a piece of fabric large enough to completely cover the paper roll. Adhere the fabric to the roll with a hot glue gun. Along the seam of fabric, attach magnets with hot glue gun.

Step 6 – Make Ring Holder

making ring holder

Using your pliers or scissors, clip off the hook section of the wire hanger and flatten out the wire so that you can remove the cardboard tube piece. Cut the tube to your desired length. Using the same technique from the previous step, trim a piece of fabric large enough to completely cover the tube and adhere the fabric using a hot glue gun. Attach one magnet at the back center of the tube with hot glue gun.

Step 7 – Make Earring Holder

jewelry organizer

Cut a narrow strip of fabric to be used as an earring holder. The fabric piece can be as long as preferred, but be sure it is wide enough to hold a pair of earrings together. Use a magnetic bulldog clip, or hot glue a magnet to the back of a regular bulldog clip, to hold up the top of your fabric strip.

Step 8 – Coil the Wire to Make Safety Pin End

coiling wire

Use the flattened out wire from your hanger to create a large safety pin. Roughly 8 inches from one end of the wire, use pliers to coil the wire around a small cylindrical object to form the closed end of the safety pin. Doing this will produce the top and bottom wire sections of the pin. The top and bottom wires should be parallel.

Step 9 – Form Safety Pin Hook

forming a safety pin

After coiling the wire, you will have one end that is longer than the other. The longer end is going to be the top of the safety pin. Bend the top wire down toward the bottom wire so that the top and bottom wires are the same length. To create a hook that will hold the wire together, bend the top wire back upward.

Step 10 – Complete Wire Safety Pin

bend safety pin with pliers

If the top end of the wire is still too long after forming the hook, clip off the excess. Use pliers to pinch the tip of the wire down so that it doesn't stick out.

Adhere the top wire to the bottom of your frame with a hot glue gun. Your old wire hanger will now function as a large safety pin that can hold bracelets, necklaces, or whatever you choose!

Step 11 – Frame Metal Sheet

magnetic jewelry organizer

Place the fabric covered metal sheet in the frame, arrange magnets on the board, and enjoy your new organizational magnetic board!

Time: 45 minutes || Cost: $25