How to Make an Ornamental Aluminum Fence

What You'll Need
Posthole Digger
Concrete mix
Measuring Tape

An ornamental aluminum fence is favored in areas where wood might break down quickly. However, this is very traditional and originally used on churches and buildings and can be installed anywhere. Original ornamental fence was made from wrought iron, but today aluminum is quite popular. You can install different sections using fasteners and other locking mechanisms. This is an easy way to install a beautiful looking fence.

Step 1 - Sorting

Your fence will come with a variety of different posts. You need to sort out all the posts and put them in their proper groups. You will have different piles for end posts, line posts, corner posts and gate posts. The best way to keep these separate is to lay them out where you are going to place them in the ground.

Step 2 - Start Digging

You will need to dig post holes for all of the posts. It is best to start with a corner post. A post hole digger can make this job very easy. Make sure you dig a hole that is correct for the type of fence. The fence itself will come with depth recommendations. Make sure the post is level both horizontally and vertically. You can use a level to check. You will need to pour cement in to the post holes once the posts are level. All corner and gate posts will need to have cement as the base.

Step 3 - Line Post Holes

You want to dig the post holes for the line posts in a straight line. Tie a string to a corner post and then attach the other end to the next corner post. This will keep everything in a straight line. The fencing section will determine the distance to dig the line posts.

Step 4 - Rails

Because aluminum fencing will attach to the posts by fasteners or locking mechanisms, as you install the line spots, you can attach the actual fencing. This will ensure that everything is straight. Once it is straight, remove the fence rail piece. You will want to use cement in the line post holes, but wait until the fence is assembled first in case you have to change anything. As with the corner posts make sure the posts are level. You want to let the cement completely cure before permanently attaching the rail pieces. Curing can take up to 24 hours.

Step 5 - Attaching the Rails

When all the posts are finally in and secure, you can now attach the railing. Depending on the type of railing and ornamental fencing you have this may require screwing it into place, attaching fasteners or even welding. Some of the sturdiest connections are welds. However welding is time consuming and the fasteners and screws still do a good job.

Step 6 - Add the Gate

When you install the gate piece, you want to leave a small space between the gate piece and the gate posts. The gate will use hinges so that it can swing open and closed. Choose the side you want the hinges to go on and then screw the hinges onto the gate posts. With the hinges on the gatepost you can then attach the hinge to the gate itself. Make sure the hinges are placed so the weight is distributed evenly on the hinges.