How to Make an Outdoor Wall Fountain

What You'll Need
Waterproof basin
Water pump
Vinyl tube
Drill bits
Small plastic container

An outdoor wall fountain on your property adds a touch of class and elegance. Your garden or water treatment will also see a marked improvement. An outdoor wall fountain is pretty much a wall that has water trickling down it. This wall can be made out of many materials like stone or metal and can be any height that you like. Follow the simple instructions below to build your own outdoor wall fountain.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Wall Surface

When you first set out to build an outdoor fountain, you need to choose the right material for the wall. You can pick up a wall that has already been made or you can make one yourself. Choose a surface that offers an easy way for water to slowly trickle down. You can choose a flat surface, but one with pits, dings and curves adds more character to the fountain. A piece of sheet metal is a good choice if you brace it and strike it with a hammer to create a surface that is not perfect.

Step 2 - Prepare

The fountain needs to be protected since it will be outside. Use a mask to cover the vinyl tubes. Drill a hole in the wall where the vinyl tube can be run from. Choose a basin large enough for the wall surface to sit in comfortably. It should also be waterproof. Use the waterproof sealer to cover anything that may not already have been waterproof.

Step 3 - Basic Assembly

Place the basin where you want the outdoor wall fountain to be put. Put the wall surface inside the basin closer to the end but still center enough for it to be stable. Support the wall surface so it doesn't fall down. You can prop it against a tree, wall or attach dowels to the back which can be staked to the ground or nailed to a tree. You can also build a base for the wall and add weights to it. Place the water pump inside the basin behind the wall surface. Place the vinyl tubing over the pump outlet.

Step 4 - Finishing

Drill a hole in the bottom of the plastic container the same size diameter as the vinyl tubing. At the top of the wall surface you will want to install the plastic container with screws or hook. The lip of the container should be even with the top of the wall. Use a shim to prop the plastic up and away from the back of the wall.

Run the other end of the vinyl tubing up the back of the wall and into the hole in the plastic container. Fill the container and basin with water making sure the pump is completely submerged. Turn it on and watch the water flow up the tube and into the container, which will spill over the top of the wall surface and then trickle down back into the basin.