How to Make an Oval Shower Curtain Track

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What You'll Need
Work gloves
Welding helmet
Leather apron
Table vise
Oxy-acetylene torch and tanks
Welding flint striker
Metal rod

ITo increase the appeal of a bathtub with a shower, an oval shower curtain track or rod can be installed. It is ideal for bathtubs and showers that are not directly installed by a wall and can protect water from splashing to the floors and the rest of the bathroom. You can make your own oval curtain track instead of purchasing it. This project should be done by those who are familiar with welding, as improper handling of a torch may cause burns and is a fire hazard.

Step 1 - Place the Rod

Put the metal rod tin a table vise so that the area to be heated and curved is right above the jaws of the vise.

Step 2 - Take Precautionary Measures

Wear your welding helmet to protect your face, a leather apron over a long sleeved shirt, pants to protect your arms, legs, and body, and work gloves to protect your hands. Take care when using this tool, as it can cause burns. Make sure children are away from the work area.

Step 3 - Open Acetylene

Open the acetylene first, turning it only half way. Then open the regulator valve to 5-psi, carefully watching the pressure indicator. After that, open the main valve of the oxygen tank all the way. Open the regulator valve until you reach 10-psi.

Step 4 - Light the Flame

Open the torch valves and light the flame. Open the acetylene torch valve slightly. Light the gas with a flint welding striker, making sure the torch is pointed away from you and away from anything flammable. As soon as no dark smoke is emitted your torch is almost ready. After opening the oxygen torch valve, you can use it soon as the flame is a neutral, blue flame.

Step 5 - Heat the Rod

Start heating the rod on the area to be bent. As soon as the rod turns into a glowing bright red-orange hue, it can be bent to your desired shape. Turn off the torch valves prior to doing the other side of the oval. Remember, in switching off the torch you must turn off the oxygen torch valve, then the acetylene valve.

Step 6 - Shape the Rod

SHape the rod by grabbing the end of the rod. Never grab the heated part. Use your gloves and pull it over the jaw of the vise to bend it. Using a hammer, shape the rod into half an oval on a single side.

Step 7 - Submerge the Rod

Submerge the bent or shaped part of the rod in cold water. Repeat on the other side until the oval shape is achieved.

Step 8 - Install the Rod

Once the rod has been cooled and the desired shape has been achieved, it can be installed on the ceiling using anchors specifically made for oval shower curtain tracks.