How to Make an Umbrella Clothes Line

What You'll Need
Post Hole Digger
Post Hole Cement
Umbrella Clothes line
PVC pipe, slightly larger than the pole of the clothes line
Hand Saw
An umbrella clothes line can be very helpful for those who wish to be more environmentally friendly. It is perfect for people who have a small yard, or people who use their yards for many outdoor activities. Drying clothes can use a lot of electricity, and use harmful dryer sheets to attain that fresh scent that can be gained by hanging clothes outdoors without harming the environment. Clothes lines can also be helpful for drying cloths that are difficult to dry such as thick comforters, or cloths that cannot be dried such as curtains. There are many different types of clothes lines, but umbrella clothes lines are built to save space when in use, and can be removed easily for when there are special activities happening in the yard.

Step One - Choosing a good Location

The first step for building an umbrella clothes line is choosing a good location. The clothes line should be in an open area, away from trees, or gardening areas. The place where you plan to build the clothes line should also be in a space with a clear sky above it, or in other words, in a place where sitting birds above cannot make a mess of your drying clothes.

Step Two - Call before Digging

It is always a good idea to call “811” before digging anywhere on your property. “811” is the number for “Common Ground Alliance,” which is a company that will come to your home, and mark any pipelines, wires, or any other necessities that you wouldn’t want to damage, for free. It is a good idea to call “811” before any project that requires digging, no matter how small.

Step Three - Making the Base

Dig a hole that is about 4 feet deep with the post hole digger. This deep hole will support the pole, even while holding the heaviest of wet cloth. Pour the entire bag of post hole cement into the hole, and pour water into the hole. Make sure to follow the directions that are printed on the bag of cement, for different brands can call for different amounts of water. While covering one side of the PVC pipe, place the pipe into the cement, brace the pipe, and let dry overnight. Make sure that there is no cement inside the PVC pipe. After the cement has dried overnight, cut the PVC pipe at ground level with the hand saw, leaving nothing for guests to trip on.

Step Four - Installing the Clothes Line

One can buy an umbrella clothes line from almost any department store. Once you have purchased the clothes line, the pole will slide right into the PVC pipe in the ground. Your new clothes line is ready to be used. When your clothes are finished drying, you can pull the clothes line directly out of the PVC pipe, and store it away until you need it again.