How to Make Bay Window Treatments

What You'll Need
Curtain kits

Bay window treatments can bring warmth and additional design into your house. You can choose from a wide variety of treatments as well as fabrics, styles and colors, which can greatly complicate your decision. With bay windows, the challenge of choosing an appropriate treatment is increased. With its size and shape, it can overwhelm even a skilled professional decorator. You do not have to be discouraged though, as you can find the appropriate treatment with a few easy to follow steps.

Step 1 – Deciding on the Treatment Aspects

The first step in a bay window treatment is determining the number of facets that it will have. Some bay windows only have 3 facets while others can have as 5 or more. Many of the curtain kits that are needed for a bay window also come in sets of 3 and 5, so if your bay window has more, you may have to buy individual treatments.

Step 2 – Choosing a Treatment

In choosing a treatment, make sure that it complements the effect of the bay window. This kind of window expands a room and creates a bigger feel in addition to the unusually large view. There are treatments for bay windows that tend to destroy this effect by filling the space with blinds and curtains. Thus, the space would feel cluttered and smaller.

Step 3 – Comparing Costs

In making a bay window treatment, always compare prices and ensure that it will fit the budget you have. The cost can range from 8 dollars to 25 dollars for each curtain rod. If you are going to put up blinds, it can easily cost you 10 dollars or as much as 60 dollars in some cases. Several pieces of curtains that are made out of cotton, satin or silk materials can start from 25 dollars to 250 dollars.

Step 4 – Selecting Translucence

You should also determine the translucence level you need for your bay window. If you are going to use more opaque or darker blinds and curtains, you are going to close off the bay window and make the room look smaller. If you want more privacy but at the same time allow more natural light to go through, you will have to use 2 ply or translucent curtains. Such a material will also maintain the openness of the room.

Step 5 – Matching the Window Treatment

The kind of treatment you do for your bay window should loosely match the rest of your room decoration, but whether you use a beach style blinds, an English style royal blue, gold and purple treatment or a soft summer blue cotton treatment, the bay window should have its own feel. Try to choose a treatment that will complement the rest of the room while maintaining the feel of the bay window and set it apart.

Step 6 – Comparing Materials

Compare each materials for your bay window and choose one that fits your needs best. Cotton materials are elegant, soft, and simple, while satins have a natural shine. Blinds would be easy to clean and functional while providing a contemporary feel to the room. A full curtain will make the room cozier, and metal rods for the curtains make a different feel and façade from the usual plastic. If you want to create different moods, you can use durable plastic, aged wood or burnished metal.