How to Make Beach Window Treatments

What You'll Need
1 Package of sheer curtain panels or sheer fabric hemmed on all edges
Iron-on hem tape
Seashells and sand dollars of all shapes and sizes
Hot glue
Fabric pins (optional)

Making your own beached-themed window treatments is an easy option for any novice decorator. Window treatments can set the stage for a room’s décor. By choosing a beach theme you want to portray, you can make a variety of different styles.

Sheer Curtains

Lightweight sheer curtain panels are a great way to add a beach feel to your room's décor. They can be just fine left on their own, but by adding a few embellishments you will create beach-inspired curtain panels that will set the tone for your entire room.

Step 1 – Prepare

Begin by laying out your curtain panels or fabric and ironing them flat to remove all wrinkles. You also need to measure your windows in accordance with the panels to determine how much extra length you will need. Usually four extra inches of hem at the bottom will be sufficient. Fold your curtain at the 4 inch mark and iron a straight line across.

Step 2 – Hemming

Once you have ironed a 4 inch pocket across the bottom, place your iron-on hem tape between the two layers of fabric at the top of your pocket. If you struggle to keep the tape accurately in its place, feel free to pin through the layers of fabric and use hem tape to secure it. Take your iron and follow the directions on the back of your hem tape, use a damp cloth to attach the hem of your curtain. Be sure to keep one end of your pocket open.

Step 3 – Adorn

With your pocket created you simple fill it with seashells, sand dollars or any other small beach items you want to add. Be sure to close up the open end of your pocket to keep all items contained. You can also decorate the top of your curtain panel with seashells and sand dollars. Beach themes are all about being casual, so you can choose to stay with one theme of sand dollars or seashells, or you can mix them together. Measure the top of your panel and place your items approximately every three inches apart. Once you have them laid out in the proper position follow through by placing a dab of hot glue on each shell or sand dollar to hold it securely in place.

Step 4 – Enjoy

Once you have created a fun and casual window treatment, you simply need to hang it onto a curtain rod of your choice. This sheer beach themed curtain will set the stage for you room’s décor.

With a few supplies and a little bit of creativity you can create beach-themed window treatments that are fun and create the ambiance of the beach right in your own home.