How to Make Beach Wooden Signs

What You'll Need
Paint and paintbrushes
Screwdriver and screws
Gllue gun

Beach wooden signs are a great way to enhance your home. Even if you live far from the sea, beach inspired signs will bring that magnificent coastal look and feel into your home. You can hang them anywhere you choose – from the fence or the front door to the kitchen wall or door, or even in the bedroom and the bathroom. Beach signs are also a beautiful gift for friends or loved ones. Your garage or backyard will provide the perfect working space for the purpose. Once you are ready with everything you need for the project, follow these easy steps:

Step 1–Select Message and Find Wood

You will need to begin by choosing your message, popular phrases are ‘Another Day in Paradise’, ‘Home Sweet Beach’, ‘Love Shack’, ‘Our Little Port in a Storm’, or simply ‘Beach’. Some people prefer to personalize with their family name or something that is a distinctive characteristic of their family heritage.

Get a flat piece of driftwood, or any kind of wood with a width of approximately 3 inches. The length will depend on the message. You can also find pre-made unfinished boards at your local craft store. You can even recycle pieces of wood from an old crate. However, if the wood is not the right size and shape, you will need a saw or a jigsaw to create the look that you want.

Step 2–Fix Letters and Paint

For better protection, coat the piece of wood with a polyurethane finish, especially if you are going to hang the sign outdoors. Then, paint in shades of blue and green to represent the water and the waves.

Attach the wooden letters and coat with liquid gold leaf. The color of the gold leaf will give the illusion of the sand. You can also use bright colors to paint the saying right across the surface. If rich wood finish is what you are looking for, then let the wood show through. That will also help create weathered appearance.

 Step 3–Decorate the Sign

Seashells are good accessories, but you can use plants, rocks or anything else you may find. If you have a collection of beach artifacts such as a piece of old fishing net, urchins, miniature lobsters, red-clawed crustacean or any other seashell-adorned figure, you can attach them to the sign with a hot glue gun. You can also decorate your sign with murals of the ocean or nature.  Use your imagination and choose something that is personal.

Step 4–Hang Your Beach Sign

Position two small screws on either end at the back of the sign. Tie a piece of string or twine around the screws. Now, it is time to hang your sign. You have a beautiful beach wooden sign to compliment your décor and give a personal touch to your home.