How to Make Bifold French Doors

neat clothing closet with glass bifold doors

Making a bi-fold French door adds to the allure of a room and is a great way to save space. It is an easy project but taking accurate measurements is very important otherwise the door will not be installed properly.

Take Measurements

Measure the width and height of the opening where the door will be positioned, and write it down.

Decide on a Wood

There are many different types of wood to choose from. The most popular are red oak, white oak, hickory, mahogany, walnut, and cherry. When determining which wood to use, tell the salesperson what look you are going for and what your budget is if you have one.

Purchase the Wooden Door

bottom of hanging white door swinging into a room

Buy two pieces of the wooden doors, each at 1/2 the size of the total width of the door. These doors should have pre-cut centerpieces for the glass and should not have any pre-made holes, which are for regular doorknobs.

Mullions and Glass

Buy mullions to frame and hold the glass in the door. Then measure the cutout centers of the doors and buy the appropriate size glass. If the door is opening to the outside, you should buy exterior glass.

Install Mullions

Now place the door flat on a work table or on the floor. You should have newspapers or old towels on the floor if you rest the door here. Drill holes into each corner of the frame, slide the mullion in and use wood glue on the holes to secure. Wait for about 10 minutes for the glue to dry. Repeat this process until all the mullions are secured on both doors.


Trim 1/8 inch off the door that will be mounted on the casing side. Next, measure that side and mark it for three hinges spaced out evenly using a level. This will help to accurately space out the hinges and evenly distribute the weight of the door when it is hung. You can now mount the hinges on the casing.

Insert The Hinges

mounting hinges to a door

Position both door panels evenly across from each other facing down on the floor. Insert the three hinges and mark the three locations on both doors where the hinges will be fastened. Fasten the three hinges to the first panel. Stand up both panels and fasten the second panel to the hinges.

Mount the Door and Install Pull Handle

Have someone help you mount the door to the hinges on the casing. After you have mounted the door, install the pull handle. Once you have completed this, pull the handle to see if it has been installed properly.