How to Make Board and Batten Shutters

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Waterproof Wood Glue
Nail Gun
Wood Stain or Paint

Windows can be accentuated to enhance their appearance, and making board and batten shutters are an option for this décor. Shutters come in different styles, and the board and batten shutters are a favored choice because of their simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Board and batten shutters are made of three vertical boards positioned in place by two horizontal boards.  This home improvement on windows can be a do-it-yourself project which can be inexpensive. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to make board and batten shutters.

Step 1-Make your Measurements

The windows need to be measured to be able to determine how much wood is needed for the board and batten shutters. Use a tape measure to get the height and width of the window. The appropriate measurement for the shutter is the height of the window but just half its width.

Step 2-Prepare the Materials

Visit a home improvement store or lumber store to buy the wood to be used for the board and batten shutters. The best recommendation for the wood to be used is cedar for its durability, but any type of wood may be used as well. The composition of a shutter is three vertical pieces and two horizontal pieces. This would mean that each window would need a total of six vertical pieces and four horizontal pieces.  The home improvement store or the lumber store could cut the appropriate size for the wood purchased. Larger windows would need additional vertical pieces.

Step 3-Position the Boards

Gather all the boards. Arrange the vertical pieces of the board on a flat surface. Place only the boards together for each shutter and not for the whole shutter set. This will be 3 boards. Place them evenly beside each other and then connect the vertical boards. 

Step 4-Assemble the Battens

This is the assembly step for the battens. With a distance measured to about 8 inches and 12 inches from the top to the bottom, place the battens on the boards. Secure the battens to the boards with the use of waterproof wood glue. Attach the battens to the boards securely using a nail gun. Nails should be driven through outward, facing the side of the shutter. Do this nailing in intervals of 4 to 6 inches.

Step 5-Paint

Once the shutters are assembled, paint them to enhance its look, using waterproof outdoor wood stain or paint. Local hardware stores may have the kinds of paints appropriate for shutters, as well as the kind of brush to use. After painting the shutters, let stand for some time to allow the paint to completely dry. When the shutters have dried up fully, they may now be attached to the home using four 2.75 inches screws. Apply one nail in every corner and drill. Screws should be attached in the outside areas of the home.