How to Make Concrete Curbs

What You'll Need
Curb stones
Rubber mallet
Chalk dust
Fine gravel and garden sand
Gloves for handling the stones
Hammer and masons bolster for breaking curb stones

Concrete curbs are an attractive and secure way to protect the shape of lawns and flower beds. Landscape curbing can add a nice orderly appearance to any garden.

Extrusion and Stamping

It is possible to hire an extrusion machine that will extrude a curb to fit precisely around any area you want. These machines are fast but the curbs they produce can not be moved or rearranged easily.

Extruded curbs can be stamped to give them a texture and appearance similar to another construction method, tile, for example. This is certainly a good method for speedy results.

Building a Curb

Step 1 – Decide on the Size and Location of the Curb

You need to be able to envision the curb so that you can get an idea of the size of curb stones you should buy or build. It is possible that you will be able to use the same size and style of curb stone for all of your landscape curbing.

Step 2 – Mark out the Location of the Curb

Using powdered chalk mark the places that you want the curb to be. Measuring the length of the line you have marked will give you an idea of how many concrete curb stones you need. Chalk powder is very visible and will also give you an idea of how the curbs will impact upon the general appearance of your garden.

Step 3 – Dig Out a Trench

Along the first line you wish to build on dig a trench about three inches deep and as wide as the curb stones you will be using. Firm up the bottom of the trench by walking up and down it or use a compactor. You may need to break a curb stone to complete the curb. Put the broken curb stone where it will be least noticeable.

Step 4 – Gravel and Garden Sand

Line the trench with about two inches of fine gravel and garden sand. This will be the base upon which you will lay the curb stones. Make the surface of the gravel and sand as smooth and level as possible.

Step 5 – Lay the Curb Stones

Present the curb stones to the trench. With luck they will fit snuggly in the trench. As they settle they will be prevented from lateral movement by the soil on either side. Use a rubber mallet to set the curb stones and to make sure they are all at the same level. There should only be a very narrow gap between the stones.

Step 6 – Paint the Curb Stones

If you are going to use the curb stones to add a little color you can paint them. They will need to be sealed first so that water entering the concrete doesn’t push the paint off.

Concrete curbs are an attractive addition for landscape edging and curbs built from individual stones are more flexible.